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[FS] Intel i7 6700K (X2) (EU)


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For Sale here 2x 6700K retail . (Batch BOX, but sold WITHOUT boxes .., only the cpu ).


Cinebench R15 4C/8T

CPU n°0--> 4800 Mhz on R15 with 1.31v (18°C H20)

Not delidded

Not tested under LN2 !

450 Euros Out



The cpu have been tested with Gélid Extreme under LN2 !!


Cinebench R15 4C/8T

CPU n°1--> 4800 Mhz on R15 with 1.27v (18°C H20)

CPU n°1--> 6400+ Mhz on R15 (1.90vcore// fullpot)


Price: 750 IN (Europe) // 760 Euros (Worldwide) "SOLD" !!!!!!!!!


if u are any questions, send me a PM or let me a message on this thread.


Thank you


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