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Have a Gigabyte Radeon X1300 (R516 DDR2 64 Bit) in the Radeon X1300 (R516 DDR 128 Bit) category as the category was mismatched at the time I sub’d it as I remember. One of the subs has been moved to the Radeon X1550 (R516 DDR2 64 Bit) category which has different default clocks. If you create an X1300 (R516 DDR2 64 bit) I’ll move my subs.



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Well I have to admit that Im about to reorganize this problematic categorys and Im not yet done. (not even close to it)

Things are very problematic because it doesnt matter if x1300 or x1550 for GPU-Z its the same. I think about adding that X1300 DDR2 category. Those 450Mhz Core clock make sense. BUT it isnt on http://www.techpowerup.com/gpudb/ so maybe they are wrong or not complete or GPU-Z reports DDR as DDR2.


For now, you could do me a favor and move your results to the X1550 DDR2 64bit category, as all of those subs have 450Mhz core clock and I will simply rename category once I verify X1300 with DDR2 do really exists.

Maybe you could check with another tool like AIDA and verify that those cards are really X1300s and equipped with DDR2.

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