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  1. Just started using a new set of stickers, might be the problem, Thanks for the comment hadn't paid that much attention.
  2. Everything should be removed, known good or bad. The only mention should be in a cheater's list, considering a life time ban.
  3. What state you are in, have a few.
  4. OCN did a comp in 2010, fist card I every hard modded, vGPU not a problem never could get a mod to work on mem. Most were using Giga cards, Used a MSI & HIS the latter best ram out of the box of the two.
  5. So I guess I'm going back to the Enthusiast league per your proposal and have to run monitoring software to prove what (using a chiller)
  6. Are you trying to make a case to separate the two? Not a card that draws a lot of attention. Have a couple Dell DDR2 version.
  7. jab383's third statement brings up a question GB 3&4 both will give timer issue warning and no score if software was used to increase CPU freq. Have had this happen on Bclk & FSB setups (W7), is there an explanation?
  8. Sorry, you really don't see the bias. One:The argument for no already assumes a yes and we need to figure out how many, Two you qualify a no with a following statement that imply's a total disregard for the new folks as the only  reason to vote no. Then again maybe I'm loosing something  based on native languages?

  9. Generally speaking the Yes's probably would of won the day but would of felt better about the out come if one question was asked (Should we add comp pts to career). Then a later poll getting an idea of amount.
  10. Then change my vote to Yes unlimited, numbers already exist on your profile page just no ranking.
  11. Sorry but the poll was stacked from the get go, so I'm assuming you wanted them added from the get go, just not sure how many.
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