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  1. Pulled the sub to busy watching the first place left of the decimal to see the second on cpu freq. Actually was hoping for a little more out of the card.
  2. I don't prep the MBs so generally only run a little above dew point big air helps keep the condensation down a wee bit once the hot air from the chiller over takes the room. Primarily done for air movement for the MB & RAM also run a Silverstone 120 under the socket. Does it help, don't know never really tested it but good air movement can't be bad.
  3. 98 was still in use at the start of the BOT's forum days and there were more than a few threads over 98/XP comparisons (all mentioned benches will run as pointed out). Microsoft maintained it till mid 2006 because of the business world, so generally speaking any hardware up to 2006 should have driver support and yes I had to refresh memory with wiki.
  4. Cheapest that I found that ships to Europe https://www.ebay.com/itm/Asus-A8N32-SLI-Deluxe-AMD-Motherboard-socket-939/153641122216?hash=item23c5b979a8:g:nu4AAOSwGQRdetJt
  5. I have no idea. Do know once the cooling pulled not a lot of differences so you would have to see how close it is to the reference design. Might have an Ultra but the Quadros are long gone.
  6. Not much help, about the only thing I've ran in SLI on the the Asus board was a couple Quadro FX 4600 (8800 Ultra +/-) without problem.
  7. If your going for a retro build it wouldn't really mater that much any higher end board would work, if you are going to bench with it then a DFI board would be a better choice. Go to the hardware listing and pull up S939 boards and look at sub counts and start seeing what you can find. I personally use a a Asus A8N32-SLI-Deluxe all most all the time, do have four DFIs (lot better BIOS) but started with the Asus so just go to it out of habit and a little lazy as I don't want to take the time to learn the DFI BIOS. A good kit of RAM is just as important as the board and both are getting hard to come by!
  8. MrGenius, your own comment on this sub more or less answers your question. (The Bench is a Slot Machine and some folks just have more luck pulling the handle) https://hwbot.org/submission/4061531_mrgenius_black_hole_benchmark_pentium_4_3.06ghz_6964_marks
  9. I'll play, have TR4 & AM4 although the AM4 parts are still on the self waiting on cooler weather.
  10. Just started using a new set of stickers, might be the problem, Thanks for the comment hadn't paid that much attention.
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