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  1. Aleslammer

    Tweak book for cheats

    jab383's third statement brings up a question GB 3&4 both will give timer issue warning and no score if software was used to increase CPU freq. Have had this happen on Bclk & FSB setups (W7), is there an explanation?
  2. Sorry, you really don't see the bias. One:The argument for no already assumes a yes and we need to figure out how many, Two you qualify a no with a following statement that imply's a total disregard for the new folks as the only  reason to vote no. Then again maybe I'm loosing something  based on native languages?

  3. Generally speaking the Yes's probably would of won the day but would of felt better about the out come if one question was asked (Should we add comp pts to career). Then a later poll getting an idea of amount.
  4. Then change my vote to Yes unlimited, numbers already exist on your profile page just no ranking.
  5. Sorry but the poll was stacked from the get go, so I'm assuming you wanted them added from the get go, just not sure how many.
  6. The other aspect is if you enter a comp with previous benched components and don't beat your best but do well in the comp why would you be awarded for a lessor sub.
  7. NO!!! So I entered a a comp put up some kickass HW & G Points and won the comp, Globals disappear over time as well as HW even more so if VGA slot is comparable with newer platforms. Comp points wouldn't change and in the beginning you'd be awarded three times for the same bunny subs. Sounds more like a bunch of government bureaucrats on how to stack the tax codes.
  8. Aleslammer

    Asus Rampage Extreme X48 full bundle with cpu

    If you'll ship to the US give me a PM if not sold!
  9. Going to sit on the fence, how ever it goes is not a game changer to me and could argue either side.
  10. Aleslammer

    hwbot "classic" rev8

    Career: Top 40 HW, No Global & WR Seasonal: Top 10 (HW, Global & WR), Top 10 Comps. Personally want to see more movement in the big dog ranks and global & WR points are fleeting & more or less seasonal. Team League traditionally has been about width and Team Cup is the height and crap have two 20L dewars and a new CPU pot and used GPU pot just for TC next year, Yes I'm biased don't want to see all those crap CPUs I've benched become useless other than data base holders. My only complaint is the change, find something and stick with it. In the end I will either adjust to the system or save my money.
  11. The concept of a swear jar with a set fine, sometimes a one word answer is all you need for answering a post and well worth the fine.
  12. Bench is a slot machine, does like a 32 bit OS
  13. Aleslammer

    Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    I agree with this. As for new joins, their new doesn't matter.
  14. OnisA, your score is damn good, the 2 core I was using wouldn't play much above 4.6 Mac's very helpful, good teammate.