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  1. Aleslammer

    HWBOT Rev7.1 point recalculation in progress

    I did a bad, sub'd a L5530 WP32 score as an E5504 deleted the new score and hit recalc on the old one all the other points stayed at .2. http://hwbot.org/benchmark/wprime_-_32m/rankings?hardwareTypeId=processor_1864&cores=4#start=0#interval=20
  2. Aleslammer

    Why not LGA 3647 ?!!

    Like Xeons but a poor people!
  3. Thanks. SuperPi if I can't get you Freq I've lost. Lottery was just good to me.
  4. Aleslammer

    HWBOT Rev7.1 point recalculation in progress

    Have multiple places where this Cat is not working right.
  5. Aleslammer

    HWBOT Memory Frequency Benchmark Validation Regulations

    Half is what the submissions are based on.
  6. Aleslammer

    GPUPI - SuperPI on the GPU

    Thanks, attached file. HWiNFO64.DBG
  7. Aleslammer

    Merge your hardware

    Doesn't work as easy as that!!!!!!!! Few bugs and anything sub'd for a comp is off limits as I remember.
  8. Aleslammer

    GPUPI - SuperPI on the GPU

    Said my say! Was going to see how the new one tested on CPU got this.
  9. Aleslammer

    GPUPI - SuperPI on the GPU

    Revised coding, NEW BENCH!!! Sorry do not agree with this, new hardware faster the way it is, new coding becomes mixed fruit. Do appreciate the time and effort _mat_
  10. Picked up 3 G470s a couple weeks ago but got side tracked testing some X79 stuff.
  11. I'm at 4 now and one more board to to try. Hopefully the next one is happy!!!!
  12. I'm impressed, spent a day trying to beat this. Best I can do is 4.41 with a 2550K, more core and 6 different kits of RAM.