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  1. Actually had it and the other two for a couple of years, comp just got me around to having a couple DFIs recapped.
  2. I don't run this bench that often so probably in relation to SW OC, looks like system info is out of date also. No matter missing the MB tab which I think is required, setting up a P45 not real happy with the RF
  3. Aleslammer

    Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    Thanks, nice array of hardware.
  4. For freq, SP & PF 1 is all you need.
  5. Aleslammer

    (USA)WTB team xtreem ddr2 kit

    Team Extreme fairly rare in US. More than few kits more readily available that should meet the specs you mentioned. My own search for some decent DDR2 http://warp9-systems.proboards.com/thread/624/ddr2-binning
  6. Aleslammer

    [WTB] [EU] Anything P45 > 630MHz

    When I saw TAGG's OP my mind focused on half of what he was asking and for that I apologize! As for the testing strictly based on frequency just wanted to see if I could find anything readily available in the used market that would get close to the high binned kits, 2x2 were of more interest to me. Posted the results as a lot of the period threads are missing images and sometimes hard to follow and more or less don't cover the later days of DDR2.
  7. Aleslammer

    [WTB] [EU] Anything P45 > 630MHz

    Will say I'm testing the RAM at 2:3 with a 6 multi and don't have the cooling for 1:1 on the CPU. Wouldn't part with the Extreme or DS4, like the Extreme and the DS4 have had from the period.
  8. Aleslammer

    [WTB] [EU] Anything P45 > 630MHz

    You having a problem finding a board? Picked up Giga EP45-UD3P Rev. 1.1 off of Ebay to run some S771 and do a little binning of DDR2, been posting over at Warp 9 on the RAM results. Have a EP45-Extreme and a EP35-DS4 both run in your specs just didn't want to butcher the sockets on them. http://warp9-systems.proboards.com/thread/624/ddr2-binning
  9. Aleslammer

    HWBOT Rev7.1 point recalculation in progress

    I did a bad, sub'd a L5530 WP32 score as an E5504 deleted the new score and hit recalc on the old one all the other points stayed at .2. http://hwbot.org/benchmark/wprime_-_32m/rankings?hardwareTypeId=processor_1864&cores=4#start=0#interval=20
  10. Thanks. SuperPi if I can't get you Freq I've lost. Lottery was just good to me.