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  1. I'm at 4 now and one more board to to try. Hopefully the next one is happy!!!!
  2. I'm impressed, spent a day trying to beat this. Best I can do is 4.41 with a 2550K, more core and 6 different kits of RAM.
  3. I'm odd, never buy off the Bot always take my chances from the bigger recycle sites, but thanks!
  4. The company I'm with has a job opening in the IT dept (Napa CA). wondering where I might post it

  5. Wow, didn’t get to enjoy those gold cups very long only played with the 5675 about four hours last Monday. You’ve presented an excellent challenge, have to to see if I can take a few back, did get a WP32 around 3.32+ but the BCLK was too high and blue screened when I tried to load paint.