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  1. Have a couple other hobbies that take yearly or monthly dues, don't have a problem it. Thanks for the heads up!!!
  2. Not familiar with this CPU or MB 38 multi is the max 1 core turbo mult per information at CPU-World If you turn off HT and all but one core does the board allow you to set 38?
  3. Bad cold is bad cold, SP32 takes more than CPU freq.
  4. Where I got mine and yes I paid way to much. Don't know if they actually still have some. https://www.memory4less.com/intel-2-40ghz-xeon-processor-l3014
  5. I'm with Bones. Its only fun if your goals fit your approach. I've been playing in AM3 (cold friendly) posted more than a few 0.2 pointers just because I felt good about them and that is all that matters.
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