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  1. Have a couple other hobbies that take yearly or monthly dues, don't have a problem it. Thanks for the heads up!!!
  2. Not familiar with this CPU or MB 38 multi is the max 1 core turbo mult per information at CPU-World If you turn off HT and all but one core does the board allow you to set 38?
  3. Bad cold is bad cold, SP32 takes more than CPU freq.
  4. Where I got mine and yes I paid way to much. Don't know if they actually still have some. https://www.memory4less.com/intel-2-40ghz-xeon-processor-l3014
  5. I'm with Bones. Its only fun if your goals fit your approach. I've been playing in AM3 (cold friendly) posted more than a few 0.2 pointers just because I felt good about them and that is all that matters.
  6. CPU sucked, used it to see if I could get DDR3 2000 C7 benchable close but no cigar.
  7. More so based on my time doing this the advent of the K series was a big determent to the hobby but recently started playing with locked Xeons as will as Bclk limited which makes it more about efficiency and in reality to me has kind of started me to rethink things. As an example a i5 4670 has a total of 4215 subs most of the first places are cold that I looked at except CB15, two AIO scores over cold but only 21 subs. As XTU is/was popular and has a total of 522 subs would say it was worth some pretty good points when they were still available. The 21 subs was the most for any other bench I looked at, WHY. If half those testing their skill with XTU would of ran the other benches just think of the points that would be available. With the added bonus that cold can't score so high that anyone below their scores has 0.2 pts. Given a good draw from the hardware deck there is a good chance the existing cold scores can be beaten with ambient cooling. In reality this is about as close as it gets to an even playing field. If you look at the popularity of XTU is benching dying I'd say no there is still a desire to test abilities against others, if the whole picture is taken into account it becomes a mixed bag.
  8. I'll disagree a little, WP I generally run in XP & W7 when grinding, about the only bench I do this with, Sometimes general assumptions for a particular set of hardware don't hold true.
  9. Thought about putting a few of the bigger achievements in the list but ended up combining them all into one. Saw where a few noted that the achievement button didn't work, I've never had a problem on my personal page but the team achievement page wouldn't work, did today when I checked.
  10. I do this to play with hardware so Hardware Masters & Achievement
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