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[wtb] 4790k/4770k , Amd 290x ,ssd 250 gb maybe AIO.


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Hi !

I want,as the title says , a decent /good 4790k or 4770k and an amd 290x custom or reference design.

Also interested in an ssd 250/500 gb,depends on the price and maybe a Aio cooler.

Any fancy 4x8 gb Ddr3 kit offer will be welcomed (MUST HAVE LED ).

Shoot offers via pm,please.




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I just picked up i7 4790K which does 4.6GHz with 0.0001offset. Its dellided and IHS lapped. I will test what It can do on water and I can let you know, if you are interested.


I might have also Samsung m.2 XP941 256GB, but depends if you're interested in m.2.

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