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[Price Check] 5960X + Rampage 5


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Hi all,


thinking of letting my 5960X and Rampage 5 go..


5960X is currently sat at 4.75Ghz @ 1.24vcore, managing CB 15 and Geekbench without any problems, x45 cache @ 1.18v. Running it with B die at the moment at C12-12-12-12-280-1T @ 3252Mhz @ 1.47v..


Rampage 5 is never been used under cold with me (brand new from Overclockers UK)


What would be my best prices to get sold? UK only preferably...

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From a previous owner of the 5960X, I was told it managed 5.8Ghz+ under LN2 with a CB of -110C.. It also would be offered with 32Gb of B die that was the best of 6 kits.


It was bought for a daily use rig, but times have changed and I no longer require it. I'd run it at 4.75Ghz @ 1.25vcore (to be safe) I hardly have used it since I have bought it over 6 weeks ago...


I will also have a X99 SOC Champion, 5820k as well to shift but the 5820k isn't the best as 4.6Ghz @ 1.35vcore, it would do for a daily rig I'm sure...


If there's anyway to tempt you further, please do let me know :)

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