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(FS)Sellout decent 6700Ks /4400G/ TridentZ B-Die


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after some incidents last days I decided to cancel all my open orders and to sell my remaining bench gear and go on a longer break, no idea how long. All items work, all CPUS and the G.Skills come in box and should have full warranty, no delids, no heatspreader removed, all never on cold




1. Intel Core i7 6700K boxed


Batch L603F337, tests on air with Prolimatech Megahalems on my now dead Asus Maximus VIII Hero BIOS 0014 resulted in boot, win enter at 7x64 and 1m 1,39v BIOS (1,408v CPUZ) and SPI32m 1,405v BIOS (1,424v CPUZ), both 4/8, Hwbotprime worked 1,41-1,42v BIOS (1,42-1,44v CPUZ) reproducable. In Box


jd801427lcyq3.jpg 1139vbiosboot1m7norl.jpg 11405vbiosboot32mb8uob.jpg


2. Intel Core i7 6700K boxed


Batch L604F282, tests on air with Prolimatech Megahalems and 2x1200Upm fans resulted in Boot and win enter 1,36v Bios (1,37v CPUZ) and hwbotprime 1,37v BIOS(1,39v CPUZ), all 4/8 on win7x64. After a test yesterday I noticed the cpu has a bent pcb after I removed it from socket,works flawless nontheless(tested several times with new mount and reinsertion) and is not delidded as well. In box


jd801426rws5c.jpg 602f282137vbioshwbotp3dc0p.jpg


3. Intel Pentium G4400 boxed


L526 batch, my true backup-cpu, 4.7ghz++ 1,4v for all benches, no delidded. in box with fan, but I can leave this out to save weight and money at shipping



4. G.Skill TridentZ DDR4-3600 Cl17-18-18-38 1,35v retail


One of the better kits I had, 3866 12-12-12-28 1t 220 1,85v on Impact and around same on Hero, will work at higher freq as well. In original packaging

jd801425jkph5.jpg 3866c12185v61tightknpz5.jpg

5; 2x8GB G.Skill RipjawV DR4-3600 C17-18-18-38 1,35v


New retails, 1615A500, tested for 3866 c12-12-12-28 1T 220 1,84v, decent bench kit.





1. 360 Euros+shipping

2. 435 Euros+shipping sold

3. na

4. 145 Euros+shipping sold to kimandsally

5. 135 Euros sold


Payment with paypal or western union, buyer takes care of fees, shipping varies between 10-20 Euros in EU for single items depending on value(Deutsche Post or DHL, insured with tracking), please ask for a quote if you are unsure or from outside of EU


I will sell my last working 1151 board (Impact8 ) and an Maximus 6 Extreme plus maybe some more stuff at a seperate thread before I kill this as well, so feel free to ask about combined shipping as well in case you are interested in several items


As stated before, I have to rule out returns and warranty provided by me, eu law on used goods makes me do this. Nonthless manufacturers warranty should be alive for all items. ON oc, ymmv, but I don´t use xtreme cooling or voodoo, and boards I use are not known to be monster air clockers for sure

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