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Asus Matrix Platinum R9-290x- Crappiest Card Ever?

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No new stuff. But I am ready to atheist spit some frustrations on for mentioned gpu.


At introduction Asus gave me and some other team mates a very limited (via backdoor delivery). So me and teammates ( was at ROG SUPREME OC TEAM).. MOST now are in team MLG.


SAD POINT IS we expected a robust product with some hidden gems.... Hook op oc tool unlock ln2 mode .... êen voila..


Well nope... Mine sufferd from mistrious dead. sent I rma. gave me titan in return.

But what the heck got another one al super bargain... so hopes up.... GRRRRRR ER. NOT long and all off a sudden red stripes at boot.. OS install al went fine. but as soon as I install and amd driver.. red stripes. would that even boot.


little ask around .. lots of team mates suffered all from dead matrices.


but what in the rats name... this a ridiculous overpriced r9 290x with even more expensive ek waterblock... 1e gpu+ekwb-= 760 euro with warranty at least a bit of bandaid.

2e gpu was handpicked ES ( no warranty).+ ekwb= 400 euro..


Is this sounding like a ridiculous story?"I would appreciate some options on that. Anything.


BTW anyone familiar with red stripes as mentioned (fiksable or another contender for a sling with a huge catapult straight in the North Sea? other fun and destructive ideas are welcome


Grrr who grrrs with me?

(should have moved on but .. had to whine on last time).

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The red stripes sound like memory issues. If you plan to trash the card anyway you could try baking it.


Thanks, that's a great suggestion.

I can at least give it a try! I have heard and read something like that. But never tried it, So any (?detailed?) information is more than welcome. Does and don't?


Would be a nice turn if that could make it work again..

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Ok so there are 2 approaches to baking. With one you just want to heat up the GPU so that you nudge the connections between the die and the substrate into place(these can't be re-flowed). As little as 150C will manage that and you just do it for 10 minutes. This fix is temporary and can last for a few hours or a few months if you're lucky. If it works for a few hours you can just bake again.


Then there is straight up re-flow by baking. That happens at around 250C and you'll want to do it also for about 10-15 minutes. However be careful when re-flowing because all the solder will become liquid and you might end up with caps and other components just falling right of the PCB. I would only do this if the first low temperature baking doesn't do anything.


If you have a heatgun you can do both without applying unnecessary thermal strain to the rest of the PCB.

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