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  1. Its a bummer that ALZA does only ship to few countries, unfortunatelly not to mine .. The Netherlands I would buy the KPC Inferno socket heater if they did...🤥
  2. When available ? And what is the price, plus postage to Netherlands. Cheers
  3. Hi Luumi! I think it not likely that I would OC those cards again. So maybe someone else might benefit more from it! One of my matrixes died suddenly, it was in use as gaming card. The OC card was connected, but the unlock switch was off... could it have been caused by the oc card? If you think not, i might be interested.
  4. Lol I have on to... and recently found 2 asus matrix platinum R9-290X (Other the oc card killed at least 2 of those similar cards. Whats your experience?
  5. Thanks! Your info was Spot on! Found everything exactly as you said. Install went fine after uninstall of GB3. Great info thanks mate!
  6. Thanks, All right, thats clear. Any reason hwbot Prime is dead? => maybe take it down from playstore? So where do I get Geekbench 3. Apk (The android version 3.4.1. Is no where to be found. If if find it there's something iffy with it = don't use it.. Any ideas or who has a save copy op the latest know Version 3.4.?
  7. Please add the following 2 Samsung Galaxy S9 (Android) devices: https://www.samsung.com/nl/smartphones/galaxy-s9/ Samsung Galaxy S9 Het gaat om deze Productnummers: SM-G960F Black 256GB, SM-G960F FZKHLUX, SM-G960F FZKHPHN Populaire specificaties Schermdiagonaal 5,8" Resolute 2960x1440 Serie besturingsysteem Android CPU/SoC Samsung Exynos 9 Octa (9810) Aantal cores 8 Processorsnelheid 2,9GHz Platform Exynos 5 Board universal 9810 Type Phablet Soc model Samsung Exynos9 (9810) Core arch
  8. Still looking for a trade? I think I might have the stick you are looking for. Let me know if your still interested and I will provide results and screenshots. I AM located in The Netherlands Bests Henk
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