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(FS)3xB-Die G.Skill 2x8GB Kits


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after I received my last kit from rma, I decided to split my old thread and do a seperate topic for memory only, here we go







1. 2x8GB G.Skill TridentZ 3600C16-16-16-36 1,35v


Retail, SN1605A500, Samsung B, work fine, memtest and windows specs OK, fast test I made yesterday resulted in 4000 12-12-12-28 1T for all benches at 1,96-1,98v, ymmv. In original box


heromems6700k3b2svb.jpg 3600c16gtz16052000c127gpcf.jpg


2. 2x8GB G.Skill RipjawsV 3600C17-18-18-38 1,35v


Retail, SN1615A500, Samsung B, part of a lot I bought for binning for some friends a while ago, tested 3866 12-12-12-28 220 1T 1,89v, 4k should be possible, depends on timings and volts and especially board. In original blister package


heromems6700k4v3u4a.jpg 3600c1712-12189v72386s3szk.jpg

3. 2x8GB G.Skill TridentZ DDR4-3600 C17-18-18-38 1,35v


Received the kit this week after a long rma, new, tested for 3866 12-12-12-28 1t tight 1,92-1,94v all benches. In box


3600tzrv166jhn.jpg 3600c16gtz1717283866cy1sl1.jpg


1. 130 Euros+shipping sold

2. 115 Euros+shipping sold

3. 115 Euros+shipping sold

Paypal is preferred method of payment, buyer uses ff or covers fees, western union possible as well. Shipping will be around 10 Euros per item worldwide with deutsche Post.



Disclaimer: As usually, I have to rule out returns and warranty, I am selling as private person and cannot offer this unlike a shop could do.

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Guest george.kokovinis

Hi Michael,


I will take n.3

It is 3600, not 3700 right ?

Please send pm


George :)

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