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[FS] Strong 5960X + RE5 + G.Skill TridentZ


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Hey guys, I'm selling my current X99.




SOLD - i7 5960x does 5,6GHz R11.5 Elkim`s Cinebench - R11.5 score: 24.35 points with a Core i7 5960X


XTU 5,5GHz


Elkim`s XTU score: 2923 marks with a Core i7 5960X 23rd place global.


Always cache at x52.


I think there is more potential in it, I didnt bench it much, 6950x is on the way and I would like to try REV10.


RE5 is insulated with vaseline, I can of course clean it if desire. Whole package with box and all acs. except oc panel, I need that (but we can discuss about it). Under warranty till 2/11/2018




In case of interest, there are 16GB EDIE G.Skills 3200 Tridentz for another 100€


EU shipping via DPD, doesnt cost much, around 20€.

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CPU sold
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4.7GHz @ 1.328V XTU stress test 30min stable. Since it can do 5,5GHz-5,6GHz with x5,2GHz uncore (1.5V), I assume cache will clock very good also on water. I didnt try IMC limits since X99 doesnt scale much with DRAM freq. but I was running it at 3000MHz with XTU 5,5GHz, r15/r11.5 5,6GHz wit also that. Maybe I will more before I sell it, but no time for it these days :)

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Guest TheMadDutchDude

Is the RAM still available? If it is, shoot me a PM. :D


I'm just waiting to hear back from a friend about a few other bits, but I will let you know. :)

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