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[FS] two Core i7-6700K


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Up for sale are the only semi-decent chips that I found among my latest big CPU purchase.


#1: X551C441-00859. Asking 290 Euros + shipping.

Not delidded, OEM. Does 30min of Prime95 1344K at 4.5/4.0GHz 1.23V and 4.7/4.0GHz 1.33V. HwbotPrime 4.8/4.5GHz at 1.30V, SuperPI 32M 5.0/5.0GHz 1.45V.


#2: L604F286-01363. Sold.


Depending on buyer's location and shipping method, the shipping price varies between 10 and 16 Euros.

I accept payments via IBAN banktransfer and PayPal. In case of the latter, I expect buyer to cover the transaction fees.

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