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IntelGuy - GeForce GT 710 (GK208) @ 1315/1080MHz - 293.11 DX11 Marks Unigine Heaven - Xtreme Preset


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@ newlife - I'm planning on trying your volt mods and entering the competition. Thanks for posting up the how-to guide. Here's hoping I can come up with something competitive instead of another doorstop.


Which card are you modding? And best of luck and if you or anybody needs help don't be afraid to aak

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The Gigabyte GT 710. I'm already stopped at getting the voltage readings. I run from a case instead of a bench station so there is not a lot of room for the probes. I have a PCI-e extension cable on the way which should solve the problem nicely. I'm thinking that I should be able to pull the card all the way out of the case and then lay it face down on an antistatic mat then be able to get to the measuring points that way. Once I get the readings, what kind of increase should I be trying to do? Just trial and error or start with something like .10v? Thanks for your help. I haven't modded a card since about 2003 so this is pretty much like starting over again.

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