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Primarion px3540 vr_ready pin

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primarion PX3540 it has same configuration pin out like PX3544 , so p_good/vr_ready is same pin 15.


VDD(3.3v) is pin36

GND is pin 25

vr_ready pin15

OCP per phase:

phase4 pin 28( NC on px3540 and 8800GTS 640/320mb)

phase3 pin 31

phase2 pin 34

phase1 pin 38



PX3544 can be used in DC-DC converters up to 130A and 1 to 4 phase pwm

PX3540 can be used in DC/DC converters up to 200A up to six phase digital multiphase controller.


also PX3544 it has more features like oldest PX3540

-Multiple Internal and External Temperature Limits

-Configurable latched fault or autonomous recovery shutdown

-Single +3.3V supply operation

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