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Gyrock - GeForce GTX 580 @ 1260/1200MHz - 41076 marks 3DMark Vantage - Performance


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Thanks everyone:)



congrats new world record and going into top 10 overclockers ranking ;)

Thank you, olesius san!


gratsss 41k is just insane

Thanks again, Hondacity san:D I hope I'm not insane...



Hi OMEGA san:)

Thank you very much! Next is your turn!!


nice run gyrock

Maxi san, thank you!


Great Job, Man!

Q56_Monster san, I always thank you:)


Nice 41K Score, Nice New World Record

Thanks Blackbolt san:)


Electric guitar! Is very nice

Very good

Hi dual-core san!

Thanks for my guitar:) I'm not good at though:D


Oh,nice run again!! congrats WR(single card)


;Thank you very much, Hideo san!!! I think you can go further


I hope so.Try next week maybe .But very busy now.thnx.

Thanks again! Hideo san:)

I know you can do much better than me:)

When you have spare time, do your best and show us your power:D

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