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  1. I remember this issue! Cookie told me it occurs if you remove a module and the board isn’t fully powered down it will cause this.. brings back memories! I had to do this on z87 and I’m pretty sure z97 also.. man I miss those days! I still have my board.. might have to take it out for a video.. I’ll have to dig for my psc.. I binned 100s haha
  2. I still wonder how the OC scene would be if points were never implemented.... The day that many used to overclock for fun.... It's never been about points to me... hell i barely post subs.. thats what hwbot is about... why not just remove the points? Any slackers going to CES?
  3. looks like its coming up to that time of the year....
  4. Now thats a proper IF and MEM, why not lower mem latencies?
  5. Next week i should stream doing this... good score man.. im just itching to bench 3d...
  6. slacker!!!!.. Im dying to play with the 3900x.. this gimped write speed is killing me..
  7. Yeah, I probably should have left the stream on hahah... had to eat... 1466 was so I could bench at -180c, if I set 1500 I could then only bench at -170. I think I could get 5.3 ish at -170.. might have to lap the processor.
  8. Hey Guys I am in.. Going to go back to the roots when we did it a couple of years.
  9. Epic... haters gonna hate... crazy how fast it is.. please show some gpu scores.. excited to see.
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