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Intel core I5 vpro upgrade help needed


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Hey guys,


I have been a lover of computer's/laptop's since i can remember i spend most of my time on them everything from working, gaming and searching the web. I have a Dell Latitude E6420 which is about 5 years old and still running strong! What i would like go know is id i could upgrade my intel my downloading software or would i have to but an intel chip/card for sale (not sure what it is but i know what it does).


So will i have to go out and buy hardware and install myself? if so how would i know which intel would collaborate with me Dell? Or even better maybe a website link i can use to update my intel core i5?


Or the last option would it be better to just go out and get a newer laptop? I do love this Dell it's like a solider never stops running!! in 5 years i have only had to change the hard drive once (because i dropped it) :rolleyes:


Any help would be greatly appreciated being i am a complete newbie with the insides of laptops!!




Thanks !!!

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Maybe you can google the model number of the laptop and also install a software that reads out and shows you specifications (hwinfo64 for example or sisoft sandra/Aida)of mainboard and hardware. If you can determine the socket used on mainboard and if it is possible to change the cpu, you can then check which cpus could be used for an upgrade.

Personally I think that it does not make this much sense to upgrade a 5 year old notebook because of cost and possibility that it might fail because of age in nearer future, but this is something you decide yourself

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It is a very good point on not upgrading because of failure in near future... i was going to take consideration when it came to the price anyway due to the age of the Dell. Saying that this Dell is a solider haha


The specs online don't make much sense to me but if i come back with some updates will you let me know what i could use??


Thanks for the reply

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