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Can't submit XTU Score


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Hi everyone.


My issue is, that "ASUS ROG CAMP 2016 Qualifier" tells me "A verification screenshot is required."

If i click on it there is the text:


Using supplied data file. No further verification is required."

So how can i get the score verified?

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For XTU you don't need to make a screenshot. When you have run the benchmark. save it to a profile. Then go to the Profile section, export the Profile to a File, and upload said file. And you are done :D


You should really check the stage rules for xtu again at rog camp qualifier :)

A verification screenshot is required.

first sentence, stage 1 stage rules XTU

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Didn't had to read it yet, since i have no XTU rating in the ranking. But you are right. Maybe if you get this error, just try to select it once again. Had this issue before, when populating fields from XTU that the form had some issues.


Happy catching up to Switzerland fellow germans :-P

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Hi, wie ist das nun, wenn man unter den ersten 8 ist, wird mann nach der Comp in eine andere Liga geswitched?


Möchte gerne in der Enthusiasten Liga bleiben, dennoch wäre es sehr interessant ein paar Oc wissenslücken zu füllen^^




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