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Overclocking "Back to Legacy" at Technofest 2016

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Overclocking competition "Back to Legacy" is one of the main events in mid October 2016 technofest. This event sponsored by Patriot brand memory, uses different rules than usual.


For Overclocking “Back to Legacyâ€, we made new rules to make this competition become more interesting, and rookie overclockers could feel “old days†which was at that time, can only overclock via FSB because multi was locked. Overclockers should bring their own hardware. any Intel procesor allowed from 2nd gen until 6th gen. So new rookie ocers must think what good combination they should bring into the arena.


New Main Rules:

Processor multiplier will be locked in accordance with the default processor. Should not be raised more than the default processor multiplier, may only raise the BCLK (refference clock challenge)

The scoring system will be based on percentage increase from default (without turbo boost) to overclocked

Benchmark: superpi 32M and 3DMark11 Physics


Master Judge: Me and Hazzan


Participants and Hardware list:



1. Alva Jonathan (Lucky_n00b)

Intel core i5 6400t / Maximus Impact / Patriot Viper 3400C16 16GB kit


2. Leontinus Jesse Putra (bboyjezz)

Pentium G4400 / Maximus Impact / Patriot Viper 2800 32GB kit


3. Indra Prabowo (Ablech)

Intel core i5 6400 / Maximus Impact / Patriot Viper Extreme 2400C15 8GB kit


4. Zumar Widia & Christian Akbar

Intel core i5 6400 / MSI Z170A Xpower GT / Patriot Viper Extreme 2400C15 8GB kit


5. Prasetya Permana Aji

Intel core i5 6400t / MSI Z170A Xpower GT / Patriot Signature Line 2133 8GB kit


6. Adi rahmanta

Intel core i5 6600K / Asus Z170i pro Gaming / Patriot Viper 2400C15 8GB kit


7. Muhammad Benny Mustofa (HambaaaAllah)

Intel core i5 6400t / Maximus Impact / Patriot Viper 3400C16 16GB kit


8. Arham

Pentium G4400 / MSI Z170A Xpower GT / Patriot Viper 3400C16 16GB kit



1. Alva Jonathan (Lucky_n00b) / Sempron 145

2. Indra Prabowo (Ablech) / Sempron 130

3. Prasetya Permana Aji / Sempron 145


Final Result Score





- Procesor intel core i7 6700K

- Memori Patriot PVE48G240C5K

- Patriot Gauntlet Node

2nd Winner

- Motherboard Supermicro CH170M

- SSD Patriot Pyro 240GB

- Patriot Fuel iPhone 5 Bundle

3rD Winner

- Motherboard Gigabyte B150-M

- SSD Patriot Blast 120GB

- Power Bank 4 in 1



1. Alva Jonathan (Lucky_n00b)

2. Muhammad Benny Mustofa (HambaaaAllah)

3. Zumar Widia & Christian Akbar






Eventhough Alva is 300Mhz differrence behind benny's 6400t, Alva can still manage to be a winner because the good choice of operating system which caused lowest defaut score than Benny. and also his competition experience and skills.


Great overclockability was shown by Intel core i5 6400T. This processor could reached more than 100% overclocked on AIO water cooling




Some Screenshoot from the winner


1st Winner





2nd Winner






3rd Winner






will update some picts soon :)



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