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trans am - DDR3 SDRAM @ 1324.8MHz - 1587.9 marks MaxxMem


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Very nice work, there's a good score!

Thats max Uncore and ram timings? Tried 1 or 2 more Bclk and 5-5-4 or 5-4-4?

I got 100 more points with same clocks but I think its because your OS looks pretty loaded down...

If you can install a small fresh W7 you can gain some more..

Anyway, nice work!

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that was 4200 uncore i think. I am running 1.65v into the dimm at this speed. I am so used to pushing hard volts on ln2 1.7/-100c I dont think i know what is right for air cooling on this cpu. I figured 1.45 is always a good number. and 1.65 on the vdimm.


am I off??


is it only win7 for this bench or will a stripped xp work? you are right this os is fresh and is fully bloated. I wasnt planning on taking this really seriously. This is my 24/7 rig and I am so new to 1366. If I knew it was down to me and a few members I would have this board insulated. os stripped. Id have 35L of Ln2 and the gemini on and I would have tried to get that gskill jawdropper kit with the black heatspreaders that is all the fuss. I have this kingston kit that I dont even think is hyper ic. its the 2000 kit and I think the 2100 kit was the one with the good stuff. I am a clarksdale guy and my best kit is the hyper 17600 gskill 6-9-6 kit. but i only have 2 dimms. I have 4 sticks of the kingstons so that is what I am going with in the 3 channel. This sabertooth is was cheap and I see why. it looks all fancy and has the heatsinks and looks heavy duty but its a total puss. Its no Rampage or maximus. its a gaming board that is quirky as hell and not for dudes like you and me. its nothing in the oc dept. I shouldve known better but I just wanted to a cheap 1366 board to use as my gaming rig and that is what its good for. it was never meant for something like this.

I'm surprised it even got this far.

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