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[Project] 3D printed ATX to SFX power supply adapter


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  • Crew

Hey guys,


So I'm making a different thread for this. :D


It all based on what was discussed in the previous post about the brackets. @jaffers over there submitted some .stl file of an ATX to SFX adapter to be able to fit these smaller PSUs onto the Open Benchtable.


So on Monday I went to the local Hackerspace (yeah, it's almost my second home (after the office) and I printed it as Jaffers designed it. And guess what, it's working :)


Here are some pictures from the process :







I also posted some videos on the Facebook page, check them our here :


Now for the mounting. I was a little skeptic at start as the adaptor itself is actually very thin and I wasn't sure if the screws (the ATX ones) would be able to:

- 1, make a thread by forcing them through

- 2, hold the adapter enough against the table to secure it.









So as you can see, the adapter works but it could be improved a to fit perfectly the benchtable. So we need to make it larger so we can use the screws highlighted in red to mount the adapter to the table.

And use the screws in blue for the SFX PSU mounted to the bracket.




Thickness wise. using the same is fine. It's strong enough like this.


FYI, printing time is about 1h.


More info and the current revision of the files: 3D Printable SFX to ATX Power Supply Adapter - Open Benchtable


Thanks @jaffers for the design!

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Wow, those holes are off, sorry about that, I don't have a supply to test it for myself. I took the measurements off some other guys work (what a nutter haha, everything is off)


Butttt, I did update it now! I got the source files for the OBT, scrapped my previous design, and retook my measurements.


The new design is .5mm thicker in on the PSU faceplate and fully reversible, so you can have the PSU in any direction, all the threads are the same (I hope they were alright to thread?)


All nice and centered too!






As you can see, I've no idea how to use rendering software, the lights just went nuts


.STL and .SLDPRT files in the zip!

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  • Crew

Haha yeah rendering is quite an Art :P If someone know how to do that, feel free to participate!


I didn't had time this weekend to go print. I will check if there is a opening later this week to give this new file a spin! Thanks @jaffers for your help!

And now that you have the files, feel free to explore other ideas if you have some. It will be my pleasure to try them out haha.

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