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  1. How to remove the Nvidia power limit (ALL CARDS)
  2. Fixed, realized that with this bios, adjusting voltage using voltage tool does not report correct voltage, although there is a change
  3. I didn't realise that the there had to be the mainboard window open, although the picture of my rig should show that I don't have an LN2 board (and I don't have enough status to even warrant getting an LN2 board) is that alright? Next submission will have it though
  4. Looking to pick up 2-4 8gb sticks of DDR3 double sided ram that does 2800 or beyond. Willing to go as low as 2666. Many thanks
  5. So I've been trying to OC my 4790k for this month's gigabyte OC thing, and I've run into a lot of issues trying to OC particularly my BCLK but also my uncore. I'm on a Gigabyte Z97X-SOC Force, so I should have more than a capable mobo, also with an AIO At 100Mhz base, I can do 4.8@1.32-35v core, which is pretty average. I can't change the strap at all, unless I downclock the bclk to result in a 100mhz base anyway (1.25gear, 80base). I can't really go above 102.5 Mhz on the base clock if I'm not touching the strap, and even then, it's quite fragile and often crashes. Even 101.5 is iffy. It's not the memory, because I've tried 2 different kits, and set multipliers from 8 all the way to 20 and it still crashes. I've played with all the voltages, i.e. modified PCH, VIN, VRING, VCORE etc... Followed sin's guide and also tweaked them myself to try get it more stable so that it actually boots... but it doesn't. Used the OC trigger switch to no avail. Tried all the different SATA ports and mainly use the external sata chip on the board because I've found it's more stable. Tried a number of different GPU's in the bottom slot (and all the other ones) to no avail. OC'd in the bios and also with GTL. No difference. Checked all the voltages with a DMM, they're good. Tried 6 different bios's with a no go on any of them. Uncore doesn't like to go over 4.2 and there isn't really much more to say about that. I've read and researched a significant amount on this topic and a lot of people seem to be having much better luck than I am, I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if the chip is just bad. Mind, 4.8 isn't the worst if I'm stuck at 100Mhz bclk, but I don't want to put this chip sub zero and waste a bunch of LN2 attempting to get a higher base clock if its crap. And it certainly doesn't cut the cake attempting to beat out other people OCing on ambient either I've just feel I've wasted a lot of hours trying to OC without getting anywhere, I've spent a painstaking amount of time changing things setting by setting and there hasn't really been a difference. I mean, I can get the same BCLK (102) on stock voltages. Does it sound like I'm doing something wrong? Any help would be great, thanks
  6. So this gave me a bit of an undue headache because of a bad joint to ground, and I was wondering why nothing was working Runs an RT8867A, data sheet attached. Pull one of the purple points to ground (pin 6) with a 20k - 40k ohm pot. Do I even need to do the shunt mods? A quick run proved easy points on a $25 card running stock cooling, should be good under LN2 But I got beaten by 4ms if only I knew how to tweak gpu pi....
  7. Aha, it was just a bad joint to ground.... SMH Thanks though!
  8. What day is the OC event usually on for PAX? Booking tickets and trying to decide if I can leave on the Sunday. BTW, the world tour site is a little off for dates. PAX is from the 27th to the 29th, not the 3rd to the 5th
  9. People so obsessed with small things...
  10. got some pot coming in teh mail :^) thanks vince is it a sign??? are they to be paired together? or perhaps the 1080ti
  11. I'd love to play around with some of the lower end parts. Hopefully they didn't laser off the cores, which would be great to try my hand at firmware hacking to attempt and unlock them (or alternatively just learn more) and even if I can't do that, I can still OC the chip! Win win
  12. I don't actually know 100% if the sfx holes are correct. I looked at three different dimensions for sfx and they were all different from by a little bit. I think it should work though
  13. Wow, those holes are off, sorry about that, I don't have a supply to test it for myself. I took the measurements off some other guys work (what a nutter haha, everything is off) Butttt, I did update it now! I got the source files for the OBT, scrapped my previous design, and retook my measurements. The new design is .5mm thicker in on the PSU faceplate and fully reversible, so you can have the PSU in any direction, all the threads are the same (I hope they were alright to thread?) All nice and centered too! As you can see, I've no idea how to use rendering software, the lights just went nuts .STL and .SLDPRT files in the zip!
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