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Someone really needs to look at this...

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Why does Jort in 17th place receive 5 points for his time of 27.700 receive more points (5.0) than does mufin89 in 16th place who has a time of 27.547 (4.7)?


Likewise, why does T_M in 18th place with a time of 27.800 receive more points (4.8) than mufin89 in 16th place who receives only 4.7 points.


Moreover, why are some of the entries that appear toward the bottom of the first page for this bench also reappear on the top of the second page of submissions for the bench, and in some cases, receive points for both entries on both pages?


See duplicate times for T_M, S_A_V, and slash17 on both pages, for example...





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