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My Geeckbench 4 submission was blocked and i don't understand why.

Here is the message i receive :



An HWBOT moderator, "leeghoofd", has blocked one of your submitted scores. It has marked one of your submissions as 'incorrect submission'.

This was the reason the user gave:

No Windows 8 or later allo wed for this benchmark and your CPU. Plz verify the rules on the frontpage (Benchmarks tab)

You can view your result here:


If you have questions, drop a message at the forums.

Yours sincerely,

the hwbot.org team


Checking the rules i didn't find anything about geekench 4 and on the e.g. from rules sections is a win 10 & 3770k submission.


Any thought?

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The rules state: (HWBOT Geekbench 4 - Single-Core Benchmark Validation Regulations)



Allowed Windows versions :


All Windows based released before Windows 8.


Only Sky Lake and Kaby Lake cpus have no issue with the RTC bug that older CPU generations can have when using Win8 or newer

It is nice to see a Dutch man here. Can you help me with private chat?

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Hi there, I'm completely new to overclocking and received a similar submission block for the Rookie Rumble. Does only using Windows 8 or earlier mean I have to wipe my PC and put Win 8 on it, run Geekbench, wipe my PC and put Win 10 back on it? Seems like a lot of work for one score?


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Cheers for the response, but it didn't answer the question. I only have one pc and it would be a pain for me to wipe it just for one score. I would expect to do that if I was in a pro group or something (I'd prolly have a standalone just for overclocking).

Like I said, I'm extremely new and liking the challenge, but just not liking it enough to change OS for just one score.

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You could try to set up a Dual-Boot system with your Windows 10 installation and a clean Windows 7 with nothing more than drivers and OC-Tools. Maybe there is some free space (60GB should be enough) on your disk, so that you could shrink an existing partition and install Windows 7 in a new partition, or you could get a small SSD (~120gb) to install Windows 7 on.

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