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Help needed Troubleshooting OS


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I made a fresh Partition and a fresh Windows 10 install, stripped system down for Time Spy benching purposes. (disabling services, features etc. etc.)


Everything runs well and right i bench a lot, tweak overclocks, timings etc. everything is like expected. This worked liked 3 days, then i get constantly 300-400 points less in Time Spy, in Firestrike its like 700 Points...


I thought well maybe i have overdone some system service disabling or some windows updates are causing those problems.


So i installed Windows 10 fresh again, stripped it down again. Started benching and everything was fine again. I was happy.


This worked 3 days and now this bunnyextraction happens again, im getting constantly 300-400 points less in Time Spy etc.


I haven't changed anything, i just load bios profile boot in that particular system for benching and thats it. I haven't installed LAN drivers until today, maybe there is some issue with something related to that. I disabled Windwos update thou... so there isn't a windows update causing that i think. Other than that i can't think of something i have done to cause those issues.


Maybe someone of you encountered similar issues and can help.


Edit: Uninstalling GPU Drivers with DDU and reinstalling hasn't helped. I reinstalled Windows and that fixed the issue again.

But since that issue exists on my regular windows 10 installation which i use daily for gaming and other stuff, the problem sucks badly. In addition to lower benchmark scores its causing massive stuttering and high FPS drops in Ghost recon Wildlands :(




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I know what is causing the issue now.

Its a driver crash after overclocking to much.

The thing is the less fps issue and lower points in benchmarks presists even after reinstalling gpu drivers and so on.

Just a fresh windows installation fixes that.


Hopefully this new inforamtion knowing what it is helps and someone knows how i can fix that without needing to reinstall windows again.

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yeah did a backup with my bench os, which saves time at least :)

but still this is a really strange issue, and i bet its affecting a lot of people and they just don't know what it is.

especially ghost recon wildlands is getting unplayable because of that, and reading reddit posts of people haveing stuter issues with 1080's etc could be that too...

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