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Unlocked shaders/units VGA question

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Hi :) i have a very simple and quick question please , can any hwbot staff or moderators clarify on unlocked shaders/units on VGA please ?

Uploaded some nothing special mediocre air scores on RX 460 card (regular 896 shaders , Asus Strix with flashed unlocked BIOS) and was told by someone i have to submit in RX 460 1024 shareds section instead . I did check the box " I have unlocked this videocard, and use more cores/shaders/... than factory enabled. " while submitting .

. Very confused now and almost feeling guilty :) , as the card is regular 896 shaders out from box . So what one should do in cases like that , when unlocking shaders/units that where not factory enabled by manufacturer . Check the special box and submit for what card model is intended or virtually "upgrade" it and submit to whatever closest next card , in this case RX 460 (1024 shader) ?


This is the check box i am talking about :




And this is the RX 460 4Gb 896 shaders card that has been BIOS flashed and unlocked to 1024 attached to message bellow


Thank you

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