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How to submit results when hardware isn't accepted?

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I've been looking all over the forums for this answer and can't find it and hope I've posted this question in the correct category - if not could a moderator move it for me?


I don't usually worry about HWBOT submissions that don't recognize my hardware when the hardware is secondary to the submission. For example, when I do an XTU submission and it gets to the part about my PSU no matter what I do it will not accept that I have an EVGA SuperNOVA 1600 T2. It doesn't matter how I enter it, even with the auto-completion up to the point of "EVGA SuperNOVA" it wants me to enter "G2" or "P2" but no way it will take "T2".


But no big deal - I'm doing an XTU submission and it gets my processor right so I suspect it's not a big deal.


Now I want to submit a benchmark for my HP IO Accelerator (an OEM made version of the Sandisk/Fusion ioDrive) using AS SSD Benchmark and when it comes to actually entering in my drive make and manufacturer it won't let me put my device in and only accepts what can be autocompleted.


Can someone give me any instructions or advice on how to proceed?


Thanks in advance!

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