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First time build here scores seem avg for specs?


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Hey everyone. First time poster, first time build here.


I started this with the intention of upgrading the graphics card on my Dell XPS 8700 to a GTX GeForce 1080 card. Well pretty soon I decided that I might as well do a completely new build as only a gc upgrade wouldn't improve speed where I need it. The purpose of the machine is primarily design, Adobe (vector + PS and 3D renderings, some CAD) so that's why I decided a new processor etc was better than simply a GC upgrade. I'm looking to do some gaming as well in the future.


My best scores after a month of tweaking off and on in the uefi are 1076 XTU, 18,120 marks for 3DMark (fire strike) max temp in the XTU bench was 76c. HWbot says this is "good" but in the comparison I see that people have 200-500 more marks (xtu) than me with systems that are basically the same, but with lower clock speeds? I guess my question is what am I missing where similar systems have such higher marks? Is it just my particular processor? Or am I missing something? Thanks in advance



i7-7700k OC in UEFI bios to 4.6 GHz, core at 1.275v

CPU Cooling: Cooler Master Hyper 212: Evo (stock)

Case cooling: 1 Corsair ML120mm (rear) exhaust, 1 140mm corsair ML140 (top) exhaust, 1 120mm NZXT (front bottom) intake fan.

Board: Asus Prime 270-ar

MEM: 16gb Corsair ddr4 2333mhz

PSU: Thermaltake smart 600w PSU

3 Samsung VNand SSDs (250 GB, 2x 128 GB; Operating system, Programs, Scratch disk for Adobe Cloud applications)

1 TB HDD (storage/Dropbox cloud Backup)

NZXT Steel/Glass Case

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Check for xtu if you have hyperthreading enabled and avx offset at 0 in BIOS. The score is too low, I agree, it might also be operating system, when I changed my 6600k for a 7700k, I had very low scores and it sometimes did not even work (XTU did not start).

On the 3dmark I think it looks ok, there is always room for improvement but this looks ok for me

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Hey thanks for the reply. Not at my computer but I definitely have hyperthreading enabled. Also my AVX offset is at 0 as well. Should this be changed? Not exactly sure what the offset does. From the little i've searched on it, maybe it's more complicated code so the offset would boost performance in that situation?

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XTU is all about high DRAM frequency & efficiency. 1600 score requires 3400 Mhz @ CL 14 or something similar..


Make fresh install of W10 32bit and if you using TurboVcore for OC in system just use only version 1.15, older one causes huge points drop for some reason.

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