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PSC on MVII and G3258

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I gave these Corsair's Dom GT 2000c8 v7.1 psc kits which successfully passes 2600 8-12-8 spi 1m and 2570 8-12-8 32m at 1.82v on FX 8350 and ASUS 970 Aura. With the g3258 and MVII even the 2400 with 8-12-8 gives 00 and reboot loops . I have tried +0.1-0.3v sa and for io 0.1-0.3 (both digital and analog). I enabled additional DRAM Training option too. VTTDR is set half of dram voltage (1.7-1.85) . I disabled MRC fast boot option too.

Is this epicly bad imc or board (the CPU is a x6 vn batch)😢

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I loosened all secondary timings and tertiary timings and also tWCL to 8 as I heard some PSC have issues in lower tWCL. What about the DRAM REF Voltage t and also the slope settings? I have not tweaked them yet but I think 2400 c8 should be possible without slope adjustments and other fine tuning

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That's too high, I meant +0.45v, so that would be 1.3v or 1.25v. But it is more likely to be the timings and ram, but check if your board it setting offsets or actual volts. At +0.5 (or 1.35v) or higher you are likely to start risking your hardware and probably getting negative scaling.


Should be: 8 12 8 28 1T 12 88 4 4 4 6 10360 4 4 5 4 15 4 4 4 4 4 11 11 11. For 2600 or 2666. Will most likely need 1.9 to 1.96v. But some PSC stops scaling around that point too, so if it refuses to boot at high volts then back ot down one step at a time. You might also need to manually set the RTLs/IOls to 4/4/40/41.

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so, i updated to a different bios.

I tried 2400 with 8-13-8-28-2T , 5 108 10 4 26 5 5 8 RTL when on 2200 was 40/41 so I set the RTLs to 40/41 manually and IOls to 4. It still gets overclocking failed and reboot loops i once got 3E debug code..

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It is probably a case of potato imc or board :( I have tried several settings including 125 strap and lower mem multi still I get oc failed when above 2200. I have adjusted the tWCL to 7 , disabled fast boot and others...I have tried coolice's bios.am I doing something very wrong ?

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