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  1. GPU stage 6 bans Titan GPUs, but is also AMD only?
  2. I mean OS is the same as any other mobo for Haswell?
  3. I assume the frequency limits apply to both core/cache? Probably a good idea to state that if so. Edit: is "unique processors" different from "unique processor cores"? Or does "unique processor cores" mean unique number of processor cores, in which case disabling cores might be a good idea to put in the rules.
  4. That won't work for 3D though. But CC is normally more modern that TC, so I guess BM will work for some of the stages.
  5. Tbh, over the course of this thread and a bit of thinking I've changed my mind, I honestly think we should just keep going as we already are - so 16C. *Shrugs*
  6. No idea. Hard to compare as it seems like you need different settings for air/cold.
  7. I kinda like how 1x, 3x and 5x are "legacy" global so to speak, but that's a bit off topic...
  8. There was a lawsuit that decided that there is no official definition for a core, so AMD could market it as 8 cores even if it shares resources in pairs. IMO just list it as AMD marketed it.
  9. It still feels like option #4 is the best put forward. Having mixed would be strange is you got 2P+8E & 6P+4E in the same global ranking.
  10. I feel we should be thinking less about point distribution being "unfair" or "unbalanced", as that is still an ongoing process with HWBot since the change in ownership. Aiming for simplicity and fitting into the database in a way that makes sense seems more important right now IMO.
  11. I like the idea of having the small cores enabled/disabled for different rankings (no. 4). It could be implemented similar to the "unlocked shaders" tick box on submissions for graphics cards - but obviously you would have it enabled by default so the newer members wouldn't flood the database with incorrect submissions.
  12. Was only aiming for FSB this time, getting 1T or even 2:3 working is a lot of effort especially for 32M (don't forget all the tedious register editing either for effi). Maybe next time, but no guarantees.
  13. Tried again on LN2, but very little progress before CPU go poof - only 738. https://hwbot.org/submission/4797732 2nd chip tried stopped around 733 after a few hours of trying, so thinking maybe near board limit? Especially as without CPU-z open I only saw 740 maximum.
  14. 'Cause I'm just a sucka for cold PSC here's some more. One stick from the last 1600C7 set and the other from a new 1600C7 kit I got. Better for C6 freq, but worse on RCD so couldn't try 2750 6-9-6 like I wanted. So instead I was at much higher freq with RCD10 (that kills effi even with 3/4 IOLs), also check out that high RAS. Therefore still no bunnyextraction 16s. D;
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