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[FS][EU] 4790K


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Hi !

I'm going to sell my beloved 4790K !

It's a pretty good chip. High leakage chip, hates warm so I don't recommend to use with air cooling. There are much better chips for that.

Scales crazy to cold. I can run 3D's fully stable on my ss at 5400 - 5500 mhz 4C4T. Ss is around -20 load, cores moving between 0 and +5 under benchmarks. 5800 is easy with dice.

Had only one session with Ln2 but it was my first ln2 test with Haswell also had some small issues so we can say it wasn't maxed out. Has CB at -130, CBB at -100.

In my pic socket is insulated so don't want to remove the cpu. There is a green pcb under the ihs, trust me there is ! :D




(Price changed !

asking 300 EUR + shipping within EU)

Pending at the moment !


Possibly accept changes. Some good 7350K or 1151 board is what I looking for.

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