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  1. I dont care about boints or loss of them. I dont even know how many I have. But Ive completely lost the last bit of motivation with that. Okay that was a long process,but that was the final snail.
  2. im a nobody here but im very pissed of after your latest " update " on benchmarks, so I will give you a very simple advice for free. if you want to stop the downtrend in hwbot community and people rage quitting because of reasons, just stop killing the most popular benchmarks. that easy. it wont be more fun if you force people to use newer benchmarks. the good old days were when there were 10-15 benchmarks maximum and they got all the crowd and competitive spirit centered.
  3. make it great again? you joking? with killing all the remaining fun benchmarks and take away global points? that is a fucking good way to chase away the remaining old guys. but keep the bugged shitty benchmarks for years in which is known that easy to cheat. you are not just killing the remaining good fun benchmarks,but the last drops of competitive spirit with it. no problem, you can hug your benchmate stuff and all the useless shit beta benchmarks that remain.
  4. cmon man leave this obsolete benchmark already. watch the hwbot 4k with 0.99fps that is soooooooo much more fun. oh and bigger effort.
  5. without effort ... seems like you never played 3dm05 on the edge LOL.
  6. just plz post every " found on usb " backups and have fun with your new life !
  7. more volts will be worse I think memory starts artifacting
  8. up mate. good thread to price check my 4400 c19 blacks
  9. every time I read in this topic, I feel my whole OC knowledge is equal to a potato. sickest thread ever !
  10. Hi I would like to sell a v1.0 open benchtable. with all accessories, without scratches or defects. Thick flat sheet foam insulation included. price is 150 eur + shipping. payment via paypal is preferred.
  11. sold. thanks for the space HWBOT!
  12. can you make a " see result " button in the result discussion thread ? pain in the ass to go back to the site and manually search it, if its not a front page entry. thanks. btw clearing those useless benchmarks is a good route. fewer benchmarks are waay better.
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