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7350k Caseking pretested, DDR4, 4670k, Asus ROG Strix GTX 1080


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1) Caseking 7350k 4.9




CPU is Caseking Pretested 4.9, delidded, original glue on it, not resealed. Comes with box and invoice.

Results on single stage: 5.66 XTU, 5.69 Cine, 5.7 1024m, 5.75 hwbot prime, 5.9 32M


IMC does 4200 12-11 tight, great for binning mems.







2) Core i5 4670k


CPU is boxed, delidded with liquid metal and resealed with black glue. IMC runs PSC 2666 8-12-8-28 1T 39-40-4-4 on Giga LN2 board. No idea on core OC since I have no proper way to mount AIO on LN2 board.









3) 4x4GB Kingston HyperX 2666C13


Hynix MFR, runs 11-12-14 1.85V on Haswell-E, 11-14-14 1.85V on Kaby, XMP 2666 13-14-14 1.35V fine with Ryzen.


Price: 105 Euro + shipping.





4) 2x8GB G.Skill TridentZ 3200C14


These are B-Die - results:

20170506-141202svud4.png 20170521-202323okusk.png 20170506-041235liu3u.png


Price: 155 Euro + shipping.





5) Asus ROG Strix GTX 1080 Advanced


Card was used for daily at stock settings, comes with box, acessories and invoice.


Overclocking on stock cooling:



removed from sale





6) 2x EK Vardar F3-140ER 2000rpm


Price: 20 Euro + shipping (for both of them)





7) Thermaltake Silver Arrow


Twin tower air cooler, comes with mounting for 115X and AM3 platform.


Price: 24 Euro + shipping.



Item location: Germany.

For small items up to 500G:Tracked & insured shipping with Deutsche Post should be 12.20€ pretty much worldwide (shipping w/o insurance 6.20€, if you want to do without).

For bigger stuff please ask me for a quote.


Private sale, no returns, no warranty. Overclocking results may vary, but were achieved as mentioned on my system.


Payment via IBAN or Paypal, buyer either covers fees or sends via friends&family.

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