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G3258 M6E MFR 2800 IMC cpu OC problem


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I have a problem while overclocking G3258 (i have 2 cpus one binned for oc, 2-d ordinary) on Asus Maximus 6 Extreme (Z87 - use latest bios) and pair kits Corsair Vengeance 2800Mhz (hynix MFR). I can't run any pair in any ram slots on default 2800mhz on any of my g3258.

Settings Vcore 1.10-1.25 air 3.2-4.2ghz, VCSSA 1.25V, VIO A/D 1.25V, Vmem 1.65-1.75V. I have used XMP, and manual timings even 15-15-15-2T and nothing :( Board doen't boot normally. I heared than G3258 have not good IMC for memory overclocking, is it true? Or case in something else :0 I do not have any -K cpus :( I know that one ram set can run on 3ghz, but only one stick is possible to run on 2800.

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I heared than G3258 have not good IMC for memory overclocking, is it true?


Not true.


G3258 cpu's have IMC's just like every other cpu's have.

Some will be good , some will be average and some will be excellent.


One random cpu i had , went all the way up to 3600 on mem (aircooled).


Is (each) of your hardware validated to run at those specs ?


Is your board tested to be able to run high mem speed (with any other cpu or ram) ?


Have you ever run high mem speed , on an other board , with any of these G3258's ?


You have a lot to test.

Start with your memory settings on a single module at first.


Havent told us anything about memory training also.

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OK, I have never try to overclock on my M6E anything, I have only two g3258 and 2 ram 2800 kits. So I start bench oll hw first time. But I know that my one DDR3 kit runs on 3ghz, but it doesnot run on my g3258 even on defaults. I have wrote many faq, tips and do the same, but unsuccess ((. It is my first acquaintance with haswell and MFR.

I have try with one stick but in my situation think something wrong :0 I have also used mfr presets in ram settings in uefi M6E.

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