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BC1 screw holes


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I wonder if I am the only unlucky person. By my estimation, at least 400 tables (silver, black and red) must have been sold already but I read no report of this problem with hole threading.


Well, technically I am not an owner/user yet as I am still waiting for my second replacement. I am being unlucky twice because the original table that came and the first replacement both arrived with defective holes. (Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket? LOL). The material quality of the table is superb but the QC has much to improve on.


The factory/warehouse is only about 140km away from where I am but it can take 10 days for a table to be delivered (by courier express).


The initial excitement and enthusiasm have turned into a bit of frustration by now. Well, I have to keep reminding myself that patience is a virtue....LOL Maybe I will do a Youtube review of the table later.

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  • Crew

Hey @marcoliu

We haven't heard anything regarding holes or threading issues.

Do you mind sharing more infos on :

- where you bought it (shop/price)

- which are the holes with the issue ? The top or the side threading ?

- if you have pictures or videos about the issue you could share in private

- the serial number engraved on the table


You can send that over by Private messages to keep anonymity if you prefer.


Have a nice day,

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  • Crew

Hey @marcoliu


I'm taking care of the support indeed. And yes there was an issue with some threads on your table.

Definitely a very rare error in quality control. Our apologies for that.


Table was replaced.


Actually, if anybody else experiences such issues, please drop me a mail with pictures and we'll help you out.



Sorry about that.

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