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Major issue with P8P67-EVO and latest nvidia 266.58

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Hello everybody!


I'm new to this forum and sadly i'm asking your help regarding a really annoying problem :(


I have just updated my GTX570 driver to 266.58 and i'm experiencing (totally randomly) mouse lag for a few seconds, then it works right, then again. This problem does not seem to appear while playing. My Keybord + Mouse is an MX5000 kit from logitech.


I also tried disabling the motherboard bluetooth adapter so it doesn't interfere. Nada! Same thing!


NOTE: i have WIN7 SP1 (maybe there is a known issue with SP1?)


Is anybody experiencing the same problem? Any ideas?



Thank you in advance and glad to be part of this community! :)

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Issue resolved by installing the latest setpoint 6.20 driver from logitech website.


Every time i searched for setpoint driver on the website, i first chose my kit (MX5000) and then it showed me setpoint 4.80 as being the latest driver for my kit on win7. But now i chose MX5500 as being my kit and... surprise.... it installed and is now working without a glitch! :D

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