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Help me reviving my 486...


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Hey all,


I've got an issue. I had a working motherboard, after mothballing it, i installed some components, put power to it, and low and behold: it worked.


After a cleanup, involving a bios chip removal because corrosion, it failed on me. Nothing goes. Is there anybody (Belgium) willing to take a look at it?


My guess:

1) the socket for the bios chip is missing connections: the corrosion snapped some of them off.

2) the CMOS battery (VARTA NiCd) is leaking, I guess no paths are broken (visual inspection) but i do think it needs a new cmos battery (button battery mod).


I got a rudimentary soldering iron and no expertise/practise in fine soldering work needed for this.


I got all the parts neccesary to revive this PC: PSU, intel overdrive DX4-100 (2x) or a 486/DX2-66. hdd, floppy drive (i guess so)


Ati mach64 graphics, or other VESA graphics/pci graphics


As a bonus: i got a socket 7 motherboard with a 233 mhz amd k6 cpu, also dead. Are you the handy guy, willing to help me out, than do contact me.

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Guest Wimpzilla

I will maybe not take a train to Belgium.


Still some high res pictures would be welcomed for basic troubleshooting. :)


Have you an external programmer, can you read and push back the bios into the chip?

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