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i5 7640X ES


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Got this processor from a series of trades, I don't know how it benches, but if needed, I can put it under custom water to see what it needs in voltage for 5, 5.1, 5.2, etc.


It's delidded with custom liquid metal. Only glued with super glue so easily removable with acetone.


As far as reputation goes, I'm staff from Overclock.net and present basically everywhere on forums as well as social media as Duality92, you can message me there to confirm that this is indeed myself. Can also be vouched by Trouffman.


175$ shipped to USA or Canada.

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Not almighty, but the TS has no picture and we do not want to mess with Intel or AMD or vendors in general because of the status of engineering samples(ES is a delicate topic) - closed, sorry, please check the marketplace rules

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