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group score submissions... (again)

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Benchtec have a group score login. All the results are legit- the scores came/come from sponsored hardware or group bench sessions. We have new scores from I34, but im reluctant to allow them to be posted because a group score login is apparently a gray area?


HWB staff and any HWB member are welcome to look through BenchTec Group Score results- you wont find any discrepencies- we're not out to con folk.


After some of the recent divided opinions about individuals submitting scores from group events, I would have thought a group title would be a good idea? I really think its the best (if not ONLY good) way to upload results in some situations.


Please can we have permission to post these results, or ask HWB mods/admin to work towards a decision on if a group result login is allowed.





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Yes it is allowed, in fact when benching together with other team members, it is preferred to use a group account for those results. It's more a problem when multiple accounts recieve results from a joint session, the group account is designed to catagorize the results correctly and minimize abuse of the team rankings.

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