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About cpu-z validation..

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I don't understand why no one in rank have the "x86-secret url validation", but it is needed to post a result at this moment....

I got a screen with 1995mhz with the x86-secret validation, and a screen with 2191,9 mhz with only simple cpu-z interface and i can post only the first..... but the first places of the rank have not the x86 secret validation... all is regular? thx

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I know they're older, but the rule have to be retroactive, I think..

...so, ok, i've understand, thx to all;)


i agree i have the exact same problem with wprime, i cant beat scores of older versions of wprime with the wprime 1.55.


i think i have some ideas that i can suggest to the hwbot staff if they are interested to solve problems like this one on cpu-z and the wprime too, it gives a bit more work to the hwbot staff to put this on practise and i know that probably the staff is already too occupied but if the staff wants a solution for this i can tell my idea.


i think that for the overclocking community it's very frustrating to have this kind of problems that leave the old scores unbeatable even if they do better and and i know it well :(


the people that posts new scores should have the same rights as the people that posted older scores, that's what i think...

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