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3DMark2001Se Score

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I submitted a result of 2001 which does not appear in the print resulução, but also got into the validation file that can be opened for anyone to see the whole setup!

I do not understand why in my case this is not enough and other results that have already submitted enough!


No longer to validate the site's futurmark not tucked the link but the file that can open in 3DMark01 and do submit and when he asks if I agree, they go to are detailed, it's all setting


Link to the score:


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Please go have a look at the screen on the rules page. There you will see boxes in red, these boxes indicate which applications or parts of the benchmark that need to be visible.


Having looked at your screenshot I can see that you have covered the settings view of the bench. That needs to be visible. :)

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Sadly it is not sufficient to provide a URL any more or even to provide a saved result.


The rules have changed with respect to submitting a result. The change which was posted on the front page of the HWBOT in October of last year. This new set of rules came into effect from the 1 November 2010 which require a screen shot with all benchmarks submitted. The screen shot supplied needs to satisfy the requirements as laid out in the rules. Your screen shot does not.


Now no one is suggesting your results are not valid at all. I am sure that they are. What needs to be understood is we all agree to abide by the rules when we submit a result. Therefore the screen-shot needs to be correct. It seems that your screen was not.


If you find results that do not abide by the rules at that time please report them. That is how the HWBOT works. Members looking at results report results that have errors or bugs. You are more than welcome to report any result that does not supply a screen shot as long as it was submitted after the 1 November 2010 when the rule changed. Before that date the rule was different. :)

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