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[FS] 6800+ R15 8700K , G.skill WC B-die !


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Up for sale are the following items:


#1. 8700K, kept as backup and used for gskill World Cup. Good core, 6800+ cinebench easy as a pie, 6830 is working also but smtimes little bit unstable. 7200+ pifast.

Crazy imc, clocked DDR4-4350 C12 without sweating ,achieved this at home with 12-11 and as well on g.skill wc with 12-12. 

Very easy to handle, no cb or cbb, cbb without rsvd -178, with RSVD switch everything smooth, safe mode in full pot without issue.

Comes tray but has intel warranty. 

Price is 700E shipped in EU. You are getting a cpu better than most 8086K with top imc and stupid easy to handle.






Bettet sticks on gskill wc, the ones with paste mark. They do 4220 12-11-11 on air and cold and with cold IMC and temp at 10-15 degrees they do DDR4-4350 12-12-12 2.15 Vight subs and tertiary everything including geekbench in loop and 3dm111 physics. 32M will be below this but surely 4280 should be easy target. 

Price is 320E shipp included in EU.



#3 Worser pair of sticks from gskill wc, the ones without paste mark. They do 4150 12-11-11 on air and not tested on cold , surely there will be little improvement.

Price is 210E shipp included in EU.



Prices reminder:

#1 700E

#2 320E

#3 210E

Payment via paypal or bank transfer, buyer takes care of fees or send as friends. 




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