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Maximus II Formula socket 775


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Board comes with box, io shield, supremefx, lcd poster, esata bracket manual and cd.

socket is in mint condition.

asked price 80 70 excl shipping
shipped within EU

pictures to come...

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17 hours ago, AutisticChris said:

I don't know much about c2 cpus. What is the relevance of the Vid?


well it tells and dont tell :D generally speaking, only generally, good batches have low Vid, but it ain t always true...
i ve had similar results on water/chilled water with chips know of good batches with Vid ranging from 1.1625 to 1.28375, going through all sorts of intermediates. low Vids tends to heat up more when pushed in voltage, hence they will enjoy LN2 !
but pros will tell you better than i do ;)

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