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[FS][UK/world] untested "gold top" Pentium 60 Socket 4 CPU (SX948), 5GBP+postage


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From an ebay listing for old CPUs described by the seller as "UNTESTED FOUND IN A BOX", I believe the seller honestly had no idea what they were selling nor how they would test it.

I'm unlikely to ever have a Socket 4 board to try this with, and I'd rather sell it to someone who will at least try it than just sell it to someone who will scrap it for the gold.  With that said, I have absolutely no idea if it works and 100% of the value should be considered to be either for scrap or as an art piece.  Chip arrived with pins bent, no attempt has been made to repair but for its onward journey it'll be well packaged to avoid any further damage.

Asking price: £5.00 GBP

Postage to UK: £2.85 GBP

Postage to Europe (inc turkey, russia): £4.40 GBP

Postage to most of the rest of the world: £5.50 GBP

Postage to AU and NZ: £6.00 GBP

Postage with tracking/signature can be arranged at extra cost.





I'll leave this up for a week or so, then if there's no interest at all probably dump it on ebay for scrap and likely end up making more money.

EDIT: no longer available (gone to ebay)

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