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  1. mickulty

    Cheapaz Chips 2019 Planning Thread

    They're all the same clocks, except for the 210 which I think is actually a bit slower. Shouldn't be any benefit to the other models other than maybe a little easier to get hold of for some people in some situations, especially if someone wants a job lot to bin.
  2. mickulty

    Cheapaz Chips 2019 Planning Thread

    5450 would be good, they really are cheap as chips and seem to be widely available (think they were in production to relatively recently, might even still be made?). Could it perhaps also include the other Cedar rebrands? So 6350, 7350, 8350, and R5 210. That way there's more flexibility to maximise availability.
  3. mickulty

    Tweak book for cheats

    Makes sense for new benchmarks, but I don't envy whoever has to enact the purge if that's extended to the stuff with things like LOD and tess "grandfathered" in as tweaks.
  4. Do you think that counts as "sensible"? I don't. Rich has the right idea, recognise that most people want them included and go from there.
  5. I hope the results will be interpreted sensibly as it looks like the single option with the most votes will be "No, as new members can not possibly compete with existing members as the competitions are closed" whereas many more people are voting for some form of "yes".
  6. So... are you calling for no cap on the number of subs attracting globals or hardware points that count? No-one is suggesting a time limit for competition points after all...
  7. I'm talking the ranking that matters, which for most sports is single seasons but for OC is career. If you were to start treating career stats in OC like in sports in order to justify an advantage based on account age, you'd have to also take the rankings off the front page and off people's profile pages, instead hiding them behind a tab on profiles like hardware library. I don't want that, because I value the fact that old scores aren't discounted just because they're old.
  8. Yes. For meta-analysis. If manchester united is having a terrible season you don't say they're still the best at football because of their 1998-1999 season performance. I'm all in favour of a high cap, for the totally different reason that it makes it worth competing for newer people even if they don't expect to do well, but unlimited for competitions is just stupid.
  9. Other sports/hobbies don't have such a ranking outside of meta-analysis because in a competitive sense it's inherently broken.
  10. that "system pic" still cracks me up
  11. Very few people bench titans, tight? Even the OG titan gets less hw points than the 1080Ti, for example. Now, right now titans are used to get top 3D scores. They get the very most globals and that won't change. However, they don't really get much by way of hardware points especially when relevant for globals. Top 'consumer' cards still get close on globals but they get strong hardware points as well. If you need best hw+global together, I think the top 'consumer' cards should be a better bet than cards than can acheive a little more globals but no hardware points.
  12. I would argue hw+globals reduces the impact of high-end hardware because it makes titans irrelevant.
  13. mickulty

    What counts as a single Core CPU?

    The two cores share a 3-wide decoder.
  14. don't worry, hw points are staying - this is just globals that needed a fastish (depending on bench) card and top-end CPU anyway