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  1. Yes. I'm glad you see that. Hope you're no longer worried about a score being up for a day or two.
  2. Ok, here's one that is getting season points: https://hwbot.org/submission/4318750_obijuan83_pifast_core_i5_750_18sec_440ms
  3. That's not what he said, at all. Please don't try to twist the words of others, it's not nice. If he claimed it was a backup score or "found on a USB" it would actually be valid anyway. Using discretion to leave it up temporarily for discussion doesn't benefit ObscureParadox, only other members who can see what's being talked about. Besides, you also have an x265 score in 2020 season without cpu-z 1.91 or later visible, and it's been up for 5 days already: https://hwbot.org/submission/4332330_ Same rules for everyone = ObscureParadox's score should stay up for at least another 5 days, since yours has.
  4. @zeropluszero I appreciate the input but is there a conclusion to all this? Superpi was already suggested for both, and global availability is a bit limiting for GPUs unless we either go expensive or repeat a past comp. We could do a Caicos competition but I think showing people the joys of dirt cheap s775 is a noble cause. 775+Caicos is an option, but I'm a bit hesitant about prescribing both platform and GPU. Tweakable benchmarks are good but I think relevant benchmarks are important too, even if they have the "downside" of being insufficiently tweakable.
  5. Even good 775 boards probably benefit from a recap by now, and B350/B450 can be highly competitive for 3000G if you voltmod the memory VRM. There's your hardmods But yeah it's true this would be more about "hey guys you can OC cheap!" and getting people into OC, rather than getting OCers into hardmods the way past cheapaz tried to. Personally I think that's a good thing.
  6. Does GPUPI run on the Vega 3? That would be cool. Good balance with 3DMark06 needing memory performance and GPUPI probably being all GPU core.
  7. Possible design for a "legacy cheapaz": Limits: DDR2 or DDR1, Netburst only, 1-core only light singlethread - pifast? heavy singlethread - superpi 32m? light multithread - wprime 32m? heavy multithread - x265 1080p, perhaps? 4K would just be sadistic... tiebreak - CPU-Z max valid (can has 8GHz?) 3D is a weird one, some kind of CPU bound 3D is tempting but really it would still add to cost. iGPU would be interesting but I feel it would result in being quite prescriptive about motherboard, again it'd be great for team cup where you can get away with requiring more specific hardware.
  8. The fun thing about an APU is the iGPU is tied to a CPU anyway, so there's no way to gain an advantage from many-core monsters
  9. Unfortunately not every comp can be designed for you personally to be in a good position to win. I'm making these suggestions but my one kit of b-die isn't very good, nor are any of my AM4 boards. If I wanted a genuine chance of winning I'd have to spend as much as you would. But the point of cheapaz chips is really to provide a way for newer people with an interest in OC - many of whom are already on AM4 - to play with hardware that they don't have to worry about killing. If we pick arbitrary limitations that make sure the one board that you personally can get cheap on ebay is the most competitive then you can compete and win, good for you, but it would exclude a lot of people particularly the newbies that cheapaz is aimed at. All the past cheapaz chips competitions have been based around 3D stages with a recent low-end GPU - GT710, GT1030 and HD 5450/rebrands. The problem is we're running out of options, low-end discrete GPUs are going away in favour of integrated, which is why I propose a competition based around that. The 3000G while it requires buying into a platform on some level is a much cheaper chip than a GT 1030, killing/damaging it with too much Vcore would be fairly painless. I also think it's just cool for there to be an unlocked chip at such a low price point, and being new I think makes it more interesting/relevant to people outside OC.
  10. For a possible legacy/Intel cheapaz it's true 775 is common, but I also agree with @ObscureParadox that P4 arch doesn't get much love - it's always 45nm core 2 duos. This can also be cheaper hardware to make @Mythical tech happy. Good possible limitations for a "legacy cheapaz" might be: Use only CPUs from the family Netburst (Pentium 4, 65nm), Netburst (Pentium 4, 90nm) - could also add the other netbursts maybe? I figure there's no harm in it and I like the idea of a competition being open to extra unoptimal hardware. Use only 1 core (I want to avoid xeons and the 2c4t Pentium EE messing with it) Use only DDR2 or DDR1 memory
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