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  1. From an ebay listing for old CPUs described by the seller as "UNTESTED FOUND IN A BOX", I believe the seller honestly had no idea what they were selling nor how they would test it. I'm unlikely to ever have a Socket 4 board to try this with, and I'd rather sell it to someone who will at least try it than just sell it to someone who will scrap it for the gold. With that said, I have absolutely no idea if it works and 100% of the value should be considered to be either for scrap or as an art piece. Chip arrived with pins bent, no attempt has been made to repair but for its onward journey it'll be well packaged to avoid any further damage. Asking price: £5.00 GBP Postage to UK: £2.85 GBP Postage to Europe (inc turkey, russia): £4.40 GBP Postage to most of the rest of the world: £5.50 GBP Postage to AU and NZ: £6.00 GBP Postage with tracking/signature can be arranged at extra cost. Pictures; I'll leave this up for a week or so, then if there's no interest at all probably dump it on ebay for scrap and likely end up making more money.
  2. mickulty

    Teammate got banned, feedback please?

    Mods and admins are people too. Maybe it was because acting like a giant dick towards them is as bad as acting like a giant dick towards anyone.
  3. 100% agree with the principle that if you're specifying a socket and core count then the 1p Xeons should be allowed, they're a surprisingly popular retail alternative for gamers so it lets people get into proper competitive benching. Not sure about stuff like higher core count LGA2011, not a fan of situations where the strongest hardware is either locked or rare lol
  4. mickulty

    The Official Team CUP 2018 DDR stage thread:

    Brilliant, thanks - needed this to show SPD for DDR1 frequency on the 4CoreDual-SATA2
  5. mickulty

    The Official Team CUP 2018 DDR4 stage thread:

    For the reasons I gave in my message I think it is a dedicated GPU But alright. The important thing is we're clear, and that it's out in the open now rather than having to deal with an outcry halfway through after spending £720 on locked hardware.
  6. mickulty

    The Official Team CUP 2018 DDR4 stage thread:

    Just to confirm, does "Only use build in GPU of the processor. No dedicated GPUs allowed." for stage 7 mean Vega M isn't allowed? Sorry if it should be obvious, I just like to be sure (and some team members like to convince themselves it's still unclear...)
  7. mickulty

    _mat_ - Ryzen 7 2700X @ 3530MHz - 1566 marks XTU

    I don't think that means what you think it means, full disclosure would be immediately making everything public including a guide to using the exploit. Responsible disclosure is the practice of reporting vulnerabilities to those who would fix them first, giving them everything they would need to fix it, and then setting a clear deadline for when you go public. By setting a clear deadline you encourage action rather than people just hoping the vulnerability isn't found by bad guys, this is the way that for example google project zero do it and is standard practice in infosec. Obviously it's not suitable where the benchmark isn't actively maintained, but for XTU it seems appropriate.
  8. mickulty

    _mat_ - Ryzen 7 2700X @ 3530MHz - 1566 marks XTU

    What responsible disclosure deadline did you give them? Did you share steps to reproduce with Intel, and any other active benchmark developers?
  9. mickulty

    Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    Is this the same as previous years where all submissions need different hardware? If so, how does this work for the dual DIMM DDR1 frequency stage?
  10. mickulty

    Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    dude if it comes to it I'll ship you a 5450
  11. mickulty

    Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    Thanks for doing this, really looking forward to it.
  12. The thing with points is they provide a way for legacy stuff to have some kind of meaning, providing instant context. Without them only the latest top-end stuff will matter because that's all people care about, and that makes XOC a lot more exclusive and hurts the community. HWbot is alive. This would be death.
  13. For new benches to have points added they usually need to be secure, I think the exception is hwbot prime which served the purpose of being cross-platform with mobile. For old benches to have points removed, that's a bit more difficult. Putting aside my usual extreme cynicism and all the obvious cynical reasons for established people to object, a lot of people might feel that it would devalue a lot of overclocking history to make those benchmarks "irrelevant". PCMark05 (which was described as "unmoderatable") faced a lot of resistance when removing points was proposed.