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  1. Nice score! Shame I have to delete it. Try again on an OS that doesn't have the clock bug.
  2. mickulty

    HWBOT Memebase

    This definitely belongs here - @buildzoid taking advice from twitch chat on how to save a CPU-Z validation
  3. Hi, The download link for GPUPI 3.3 goes to the 3.2 page. Please can it be updated to the correct page; https://www.overclockers.at/news/gpupi-3-is-now-official
  4. mickulty

    "leeghoofd" blocked my WR Catzilla 4K :)

    Well no kidding, that's what he said; Anyway... I'm sure you can understand why seeing "HWBot Staff & Forums Administrator" next to der8auer's name would make slinky think otherwise. Hey, leave DJ out of this. Honestly, I've never had any reason to doubt leeg's honour. Besides, AFAIK Der8auer and KP don't have anything to do with hwbot moderation anyway. What part was unclear when I privately asked you "please don't troll that slinky thread, you're not helping"?
  5. mickulty

    "leeghoofd" blocked my WR Catzilla 4K :)

    Total prize pool around 5K, easy mistake to make I guess? Slinky isn't the first tweaker to be upset by accusations and having to prove themselves, and I'm sure won't be the last - there's no need for all the insults and shit like saying "get a flight ticket and beat him in person". Checks have to happen though, otherwise the whole bot would end up looking like the storage benchmark section does lol. Hopefully the tweak can be privately confirmed and/or ney can be reached to confirm it and the score restored soon, I have full faith that it's legit given how much work slinky puts into tweaking and tuning, as the saying goes though "trust but verify".
  6. I noticed NVMe isn't an option for storage configuration, please could this be added? It'd also be good to have USB as an option, as I've had team members who found that on platforms that need PCIe raised for high bclk OCs an OS installed on a USB stick (eg with Hasleo WinToUSB) was far more tolerant than IDE mode SATA. It'd be good to be able to show that that's been done on scores.
  7. correct memory frequency is 2032 as shown in the cpu-z validation
  8. Use pure Ethanol as an interface fluid, rename to C2H5OH vs LN2 :P Really good to see you on cold(er), hopefully the results will shut a few people up. How did the venom behave? Everyone I've talked to said it's no good for dice because it leaks interface fluid.
  9. mickulty

    G. SKILL OCWC 2018 benchmark concernings

    Amusingly it's the same category on hwbot but yeah the 7700K's bigger cache is a fairly big advantage. Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll have a 7350K.
  10. mickulty

    G. SKILL OCWC 2018 benchmark concernings

    Hopefully we'll find out soon. Yos has a 7700K that did 1900mhz+ IGP in 3Dmark03 so it should be no problem at all for him to smoke all the scores made on 7350K last year. I do believe him that it's more about memory than IGP core, but the proof is in the benching.
  11. I think what I mean by switch is the same as what you mean by bridge - for the avoidance of doubt, an example is the big silver thing with PLX written on it on an HD 7990. As I understand it bridge chips convert from one type of bus to another eg AGP to PCIe whereas taking PCIe x16 in and giving each GPU PCIe x16 is something a switch does.
  12. Fixed. @Tech Wizard - HWBOT uses physical clock exactly as reported by CPU-Z, NOT effective clock. I also had to remove your x265 scores (CPU-Z windows need to be in the screenshot saved with the data file, not separate), and edit the cpu frequency (score is the exact amount shown by CPU-Z, not rounded up). The others all look fine, some really nice work with the 3930K.