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  1. There are many benches that are OK on windows 10 - same OS rules as with socket 1150/2011-3 and earlier Intel. For AM4 300 and 400 series boards you can easily get 7 working, follow https://www.asrock.com/microsite/Win7Install/ Hopefully someone else can answer the question about benchmate with 10 better than I can as I've avoided 10 so far.
  2. 25% interested in OC and 10% of those interested in competitive OC are both very ambitious IMO. You also have a third percentage for people who can do competitive OC - the vast majority of these gamers are kids, they might only have use of a small bedroom with no space for a separate bench system, even if they wanted one and could afford the hardware. To be honest though, competitive OC is a hobby not a business for 99.9%. Why invest time and effort into trying to grow it like it's a business? We shouldn't be worrying about how to market the hobby, we should be doing the hobby. I'm sure an army of motivated volunteers could grow hwbot to 2x where it is currently, but what would the benefit of that be? Would it be more fun for anyone? Would these new people build it up, or drain it? I think the best thing is what guys including buildzoid, keeph8n and mythical tech do where they share what they've done and the fun they've had with it on various platforms, but leave it to the people watching to decide if they want to do the same. If someone gets into it because they want to that's much better than getting into it because they were told to by someone trying to grow what doesn't need to grow.
  3. I can't imagine those guys will last in the hobby unless their attitude changes. Advice to newbies: from when I started with a junk P4 system on ambient to more recently with a proper OC board and LN2, I've always had more fun working hard on a single score even if that one score isn't worth much. Cheesing golds on obscure hardware makes for a nice trophy cabinet but isn't satisfying (I would know). 3 LN2 sessions and 4 corrupted OS's for one pifast score is satisfying. Speaking of this the price tag is only higher to get world records and top 3D scores on modern GPUs. Which yes, isn't ideal, and I still think it would be nice if there were more ways to get up there on points by working hard without having to drop so much cash. But you can still compete on some very cheap hardware. To the thread topic, overclocking isn't dying. There are new people getting into it all the time. Some of these people are definitely happy to put the work in. Sure, it's not as big as some of the biggest hobbies in the world like competitive fortnite... but so what?
  4. @Seal2fast are either GPU pots still available?
  5. This makes sense. It solves the problem that Vega M while 'dedicated-like' is still inextricably linked to the CPU. The HD 3200, 3300, 4200, 4250 and 4290 IGPs support "sideport" memory according to wikipedia, these would also fall into this category. There are probably also some much much older examples.
  6. Clarkdale's IGP is also the memory controller. I think that all IGPs in the last couple of decades appear to be part of chips that have other purposes as well (CPU, northbridge, chipset or BMC), whereas all discrete GPUs are separate chips. To futureproof against chiplets I would also suggest that any GPU that uses exclusively system memory is an IGP, whereas a GPU that normally doesn't use system memory is not an IGP.
  7. When did anyone say that was the "theme of the comp"? It's an attitude some people take and push, no more than that.
  8. @cbjaust I posted about this too in the main CC thread (didn't see your post) - FYI leeg has fixed it now
  9. See, I was just talking about magical inefficiency with good hardware. Sessions go badly for everyone.
  10. Can't post a Hybrid score to Stage 8 as the stage is set up to limit to 1 core, whereas the database (sensibly) sees it as 2 cores. Cas has fix pls?
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