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  1. Use pure Ethanol as an interface fluid, rename to C2H5OH vs LN2 :P Really good to see you on cold(er), hopefully the results will shut a few people up. How did the venom behave? Everyone I've talked to said it's no good for dice because it leaks interface fluid.
  2. G. SKILL OCWC 2018 benchmark concernings

    Amusingly it's the same category on hwbot but yeah the 7700K's bigger cache is a fairly big advantage. Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll have a 7350K.
  3. G. SKILL OCWC 2018 benchmark concernings

    Hopefully we'll find out soon. Yos has a 7700K that did 1900mhz+ IGP in 3Dmark03 so it should be no problem at all for him to smoke all the scores made on 7350K last year. I do believe him that it's more about memory than IGP core, but the proof is in the benching.
  4. I think what I mean by switch is the same as what you mean by bridge - for the avoidance of doubt, an example is the big silver thing with PLX written on it on an HD 7990. As I understand it bridge chips convert from one type of bus to another eg AGP to PCIe whereas taking PCIe x16 in and giving each GPU PCIe x16 is something a switch does.
  5. Fixed. @Tech Wizard - HWBOT uses physical clock exactly as reported by CPU-Z, NOT effective clock. I also had to remove your x265 scores (CPU-Z windows need to be in the screenshot saved with the data file, not separate), and edit the cpu frequency (score is the exact amount shown by CPU-Z, not rounded up). The others all look fine, some really nice work with the 3930K.
  6. Maybe, idk. Probably could have if I had all my memory channels lol, this was my first time with subzero ram.
  7. UK Bench Meet #4 MKII

    Looks like the weather has screwed us over, no LN2 coming and the travel situation for prospective attendees isn't great either. Waiting on "official" word from Jumper but looks like the full event will almost certainly have to be called off. I can host a few people round mine for people who have already booked time off, hotels etc and can still get to Lancaster easily and safely.
  8. Sandy Bridge G470

  9. I'm too used to modern PCIe-based stuff that needs a switch for dual GPU cards lol
  10. HWBOT x265 Benchmark

    Nice! Looking forward to rebenching this: http://hwbot.org/submission/3735265
  11. At least it definitely exists, unlike some iGPUs...
  12. Probably says something about my age that my first thought was "where's the switch" before I realised that's not how the PCI bus works. Can't say I'd ever seen it before but bump in the hopes someone has. EDIT: I did find an old newegg listing for one though! https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814139037