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  1. that "system pic" still cracks me up
  2. Very few people bench titans, tight? Even the OG titan gets less hw points than the 1080Ti, for example. Now, right now titans are used to get top 3D scores. They get the very most globals and that won't change. However, they don't really get much by way of hardware points especially when relevant for globals. Top 'consumer' cards still get close on globals but they get strong hardware points as well. If you need best hw+global together, I think the top 'consumer' cards should be a better bet than cards than can acheive a little more globals but no hardware points.
  3. I would argue hw+globals reduces the impact of high-end hardware because it makes titans irrelevant.
  4. mickulty

    What counts as a single Core CPU?

    The two cores share a 3-wide decoder.
  5. don't worry, hw points are staying - this is just globals that needed a fastish (depending on bench) card and top-end CPU anyway
  6. There comes a point of diminishing returns.
  7. Better if picking the wrong one makes it tell you off IMO
  8. I think relying on honour is fine - the idea is just to help prevent honest mistakes.
  9. mickulty

    What counts as a single Core CPU?

    A single module chip such as the 6420K still counts as two cores - the vast majority of core resources are independent.
  10. I love legacy 3D too, but we have plenty of CPU benchmarks that get globals already.
  11. I think it's more relevant for Skylake-X as it also uses AVX-512
  12. Damn, is it not? Guess the score's invalid then, better take it down 😞
  13. mickulty

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    I agree, not making the mistake I made last time either... http://hwbot.org/submission/4007362 Bit late in the day for anything other than a very quick very dirty run on the daily but a sub is a sub. EDIT: I've been informed that the fourth gpu-z sensor tab isn't fully visible, so I guess I had better remove it
  14. mickulty

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    If enough people bench with it, it's official.