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[FS] 2x1GB Corsair Dominator 8888C4


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Up for sale is a 2x1GB set of Corsair 8888C4 Dominators. Given that its previous owner got it directly from Corsair and that I haven't seen any 8888C4 earlier than this (week 0634) it's likely that this was either an ES or a press kit. On MHz/volt it clocks much better than any other D9GMH that I ever had or seen:

On Biostar TP45 HP it does 32M at: 485 3-3-3 2.58V, 505 3-4-3 2.58V550 4-4-4 2.02V, 565 4-4-4 2.08V.

On ASUS P5Q-E it does 32M at: 550 4-4-4 2.00V,. 575 4-4-4 2.10V.

Unfortunately, the kit stability issues approaching 600MHz irrespective of the timings, which are characteristic for nearly all 1GB DDR2 modules made by Corsair, GeiL, G.Skill, Kingston and Patriot. This is caused by limitations in the PCB design, thus can only be "fixed" by swapping the ICs to another PCB. This was initially my plan as well, but so far I wasn't able to find a connection to perform the job, hence the sale. If your DDR2 benching range is below 600MHz then you simply won't find any DDR2 better than these, period.

Asking 50 Euros excluding shipping. Open for offers.

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