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FS: ASUS Matrix GTX580/570/285 bundle


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Dear All, I decided to let the below cards go, need space for new ones... 580/570 cards are strong, can do 1ghz 3d on air/water, 285 i recently bought for future legacy fun, all cards 100% working.

#card1: ASUS GTX580 Matrix, fully boxed (forgot to take picture but of course it comes with perfect condition stock cooler), coldslow bios flashed and vgpu mod done, insulated with vaseline, ready for ln2 :) card can do easy 1300+ gpu at -100C 1.35vgpu (not maxed out yet), samsung mems easy 2300+
my result with it (still holding 01SE first place): http://hwbot.org/submission/3896247_

#card2: ASUS GTX570 DC2, no box no accessories, gpu delidded by previous owner for wc usage (his result: http://hwbot.org/submission/3568938_ , now ihs is back on, under the stock cooler) not insulated, never seen ln2 but it was in my plans, hopefully next owner will try (FYI coldslow bios exists for this card as well).
my result with it (still holding 01SE first place): http://hwbot.org/submission/3549487_

#card3: ASUS GTX285 Matrix, bought from Lewis here on the bot couple month ago, tbh did not tested for oc yet, will check air clocks if requested. I just had no time and interest, too busy with 2d benching^^

Im asking 250 EUR shipped as bundle within EU (non EU maybe we can arrange same price, just ask me to check). i know its not cheap for vintage cards but please consider shipping cost is about 40 eur with tracking and insurance. Exactly thats why i cannot sell them separately.





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