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  1. Dear All, Im going to sell the below stuff Item #1 i9 9900KF retail P0 cpu, I benched only 1 time on ln2 for an hour, it does not scale good enough (7.1G validation on 3 cores) however it could be very nice for water and 24/7 usage. I bought it from ebay it comes with invoice. Cpu is tray version and in mint condition. Tested for prime95 1hour at 5G 1.172vcore in Apex XI by previous owner, for me in Apex X I needed a bit over 1.20vcore but thats normal difference between the 2 boards. asking 450 EUR shipped within EU, I think its a very fair price. Item #2 Gigabyte EP45-UD3P rev 1.1 fully boxed, original accessories, mint condition, never seen subzero. It's ready for Xeons, the 2 known plastic pins are removed nicely from the socket. It is coming with the latest beta bios, which support Xeons. I used it with Q9550 cpus, easy 500+fsb boot. Asking 80 EUR shipped within EU. Cheers, Bala
  2. Sold pls close thanks for space.
  3. nice setup but wrong OS mate, this should be easy 3000+ score on W7
  4. Indeed. we had business in the past, there were no problems so far but I paid 15 euro shipping and still did not received anything is not a good sing. although i forgot to ask tracking when scannick was available, it seems he did not even logged in to hwbot since may the 6th. so there is no other option but to wait...🙄
  5. it depends on your cpu you need rsvd or not, some 9900k dont need it to be able to run fullpot. but according to my experience rsvd needs lower temps like -135C at least to start working, unless you just receive 00. anyway this cpu seems to be a real potato Michal, sell it fast and save money for 16 core AM4 chip :D
  6. It would be nice if you could reply to my PM mate... still waiting for tracking, I hope package is not lost thanks
  7. He can easily modify your current venom. But TBH i would not go for direct die at all, too risky for minimal potential gain. Find better chip + TRex the way to go like Alby says. Luumi also shared on facebook, he reached few mhz more on 7350k with TRex compated to direct die setup. I dont need better proof. Btw why this is not in wanted section?
  8. Price drop to 170 EUR shipped for a 4133c12 32M capable kit
  9. Dear All, Selling the below memory I bought from Sam literally like 2 weeks ago here: G.Skill TridentZ 4000C19 bdie kit with original boxing, mint condition. I recently got a better kit so this needs to go. You can find his results copied from the original thread, I also made a few runs, once i find the screenshot will upload it. 4000 12-12-12-28 1T waza 32M capable at 1.97v bios set in Apex X for me. Asking 180 EUR shipped within EU. #46: 2x8GB GSkill Trident Z 4000C19. SOLD Even though the kit passes 32M at 2066 12-11-11 at 2.03-2.05V with three different CPUs (i3-8350K, G4920 and G3930) it is at the edge of its stability and won't do so with Copywaza Cheers, Bala
  10. In Hungary such case to check and validate could take up to 45 days by law. And god knows how long if they ask the original item as evidence and the refund itself if they find it valid.
  11. Its simple parcel services will refuse everything if you cannot prove that it's their responsibility that the item demaged. If you did not took picture before opening, if there was no damage on the package at all, good luck trying to get your money back because your hands are empty and they are not stupid. Ppl trying to screw them over by sending faulty device and call that it broke during delivery. If no evidence they will not pay a cent. Sorry for your loss mate. Try to work it out with Ziken, it is the only option i think. I still dont want to beleive that to some people reputation and respect means nothing.
  12. try it with REX bro, i had serious fsb difference compared to p5e3 prem even on ambient with quad cpu... nevertheless very nice result!
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