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  1. I remember when I was sitting in front of XS at around 2004-'05 and was amazed about all those crazy shit I've seen there. Decided to go and try it myself and maan it was HUGE fun to achieve higher clocks of shitty cheap hardware and enjoy the benefits of every day overclocking and subzero overclocking. This addiction went further and later it became more fun than anything else, to challenge each other on XS, OCX and to achieve with even one single result on ripping.org under my country's flag. Those were the glory days for me, nearly 10-15 years ago. It has been changed forever when the vendors step in. It was also nice to see how hardware changed and developed during this process, but it was a different era, I still had a lot of fun to meet all of those people around the world who share the same addiction I do. Without the vendors we would never have this wide range experience and challenges. But like always money started to ruin the whole thing. Now you need a hell of a money to be able to bench current gen hardware since the dt market shrinked, so vendors need to make that money on the leftover guys. It started to give me less and less joy for more and more money, also I see less and less activity by other people, dont tell me this scene is'nt dying. It is, in its current way and people get frustrated of this situation. But oc will be never dead in our soul, there will be always people who wants more from their gear keep up the spirit guys, do it until you have great time and don't care about any point, prize or ranking, do it for yourselves. Peace.
  2. If this not deserves the 161 global, I dont know what... the floor is drama
  3. sold, please close. thanks for space hwbot.
  4. true, it is the best for yorkie 2d madness
  5. only board left, price dropped, it is again available.
  6. Dear All, Since i lost interest in oc earlier this year i would like to sell some stuff which is hard to get nowdays but it does not stand so close to my heart to keep it as collector item. board is OEM, no box no accessories, never tested on cold, attached screenshot about the 32M run made with same setup but with elpida hypers, those are not part of this sale. Asking 100 EUR shipped within EU. Everything tested to be working before shipping, no warranty no returns, this is a private sale. If you dont beleive me I can send video proof.
  7. Its not fun either to look for such cpu on ebay congrats nice run, but I feel Luumi backup in the air...
  8. Thanks for space hwbot, SOLD. please close.
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