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  1. Achill3uS

    FS: cheap G.Skill B-die

    sold thanks for space hwbot. please close.
  2. Achill3uS

    FS: cheap G.Skill B-die

    160 EUR shipped anyone?
  3. Achill3uS

    FS: cheap G.Skill B-die

    Ok price drop to 170 EUR shipped but youre killing me😂
  4. Achill3uS

    FS: cheap G.Skill B-die

    youre welcome George bump for myself.
  5. Achill3uS

    8700k - the best I saw so far on water, decent on LN2

    We have definitely different meaning about what is decent lol. glws Daniel.
  6. Achill3uS

    FS: cheap G.Skill B-die

    Dear All, Im selling my average clocker A1 B-die unit: 1933 12-12-12 32M 1.90v bios set 2000 12-12-12 32M 1.99v bios set Asking 160 EUR shipped within EU. Cheers, Bala
  7. dat vcore for cinebench :O how does it perform with lower? keep pushing neighbour ;)
  8. Achill3uS

    Kingpincooling gear at half price

    Not surprising at all😏 simply not so many new ppl want to enter to xoc nowdays - sadly - to sell this amount of stock at regular price with import charges and profit.
  9. Achill3uS

    Kingpincooling gear at half price

    wtf in hungarian alza the inferno plate is listed at 54.000huf which is appx 170 EUR and originally at kingpincooling.com costs 99 USD. thats what i love in europe lol. luckily it was on sale few weeks ago and bought one "refurbished" for about 70 EUR which was kinda limited to 1pcs deal. too bad they did not list T-Rex, taxes killing it to buy from Vince/taiwan directly.
  10. long time no see bro, great job, merry xmas :)
  11. Thank you for your kind words merry xmas bros :)
  12. Achill3uS

    [FS] Random kit of b-die

    dont want to be rude but, youve been trolling around the whole marketplace since months about asking for results from anybody without even willing to buy anything and now you put something up fs without a single screenshot... seriously dude.
  13. amazing! the force is strong with this one :D
  14. George, brother, go with i9 9900k and MOCF or wait for the Evga Dark. Not worth to struggle with anything else when we are talking about benching 8 or less cores