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  1. sold, please close. thanks for space hwbot.
  2. true, it is the best for yorkie 2d madness
  3. only board left, price dropped, it is again available.
  4. Dear All, Since i lost interest in oc earlier this year i would like to sell some stuff which is hard to get nowdays but it does not stand so close to my heart to keep it as collector item. board is OEM, no box no accessories, never tested on cold, attached screenshot about the 32M run made with same setup but with elpida hypers, those are not part of this sale. Asking 100 EUR shipped within EU. Everything tested to be working before shipping, no warranty no returns, this is a private sale. If you dont beleive me I can send video proof.
  5. Its not fun either to look for such cpu on ebay congrats nice run, but I feel Luumi backup in the air...
  6. Thanks for space hwbot, SOLD. please close.
  7. Dear All, Selling some coffee stuff, I think I'm not going to touch this platform any time soon so dont need the following anymore. Lets try a bundle sale first, then we will see. So board is from Radi and mems from bolc. Both is in mint condition, working 100% fine. Apex is fully boxed with all accessories, coated with 2 layers of plastidip, red one started to peel off so i painted some liquid electric tape on the necessary places, now it is perfect, I used it together with KP Inferno, never get wet even during the toughest fullpot sessions. It has the latest modded xp bios 1802 on it. Mems can do 2000 12-11-11-28 1T very tight at 1.92vdimm 32M waza, kit can do more of course, see below screenshot of 2040 12-11-11 waza 32M at 1.97v Asking 370 EUR shipped within EU for the package!!! Photos: This is a private sale, all components are tested to be 100% working, no return.
  8. Hwbot please close sold long time ago. Thanks for space.
  9. Hwbot please close both sold. Thanks for space.
  10. Sent email to Nicola, several PMs he is not available... a month has been passed since i payed for the Cpu #1 shipped 75 Eur but never received the package not even a tracking number as proof of shipping. Im asking hwbot to close his selling threads until i receive Full refund. Thanks.
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