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  1. Achill3uS

    FS: s939 cheap bundle

    Ah forgot to update, sold already, please close and thanks for space hwbot.
  2. what kind of magical team group kit is that :D mine cannot even do close to this. good job!
  3. Cache is unstable at 6.2g but its not the issue, mems cannot do 1900+ at even 2v. low ic setup on pcb, this kit was not desgined for low cas but high clock. And thanks to the pricing this is the only bdie i have atm.
  4. Achill3uS

    FS: s939 cheap bundle

    Dear all, trying to get rid of some stuff again what i dont need anymore. used these for team cup, everyting works fine. Board is a DFI NF4 Infinity, insulated with LET. NB needs better cooling or airflow when pushing it gets quite hot. Cpu is a Cab1e Opteron 146 can do 3GHz SPI 32M 1.40vcore on air!!! Mems are 2x256 Kingston Value with original BH5 ics, 240mhz 2-2-2-5 32M capable at 3.2vdimm asking 50 EUR + shipping. Thanks. Bala
  5. Officially non of the z390 supports win7, not even microsoft does anymore but you can find results made with both boards on w7, so doable if im not wrong. Guys Formula Drive ver:3.0.94 works fine for you with 8 core on w7? For me multi can be changed only downwards, not changing on the way up, anybody has same issue?
  6. Achill3uS

    [FS] 2 x 9900K !

    Matt, for compare: mine can do also 1.23 5G R15 on air, yesterday had a quick ln2 session before board get wet, 6500 R15 was easy at just 1.60vcore -160 ish (not even full pot)
  7. Achill3uS

    [FS] 2 x 9900K !

    these are actually not bad, seen a lot of potato around like 1.35v 5G pieces. also consider not so easy to bin 700 euro new pricetag cpus with such a low availability. free bump bro!
  8. the equipment could be changed or broken, just keep up the spirit brother!!! (love to hear that, fingers crossed!) about the cropping, George is that possible that youve done the result with multiple monitors? maybe thats why is the screen like that.
  9. Guys regarding 8core coffee lakes, do we still need to cover the same 2 pads on the back of the cpu to prevent socket pins to be burned like with 6core cpus?
  10. Thanks a lot brothers, actually compared to the 7G+ chips this one is rubbish but yeah at least there is room to improve :) this Bdie is something interesting, 8 layer pcb low ic design so it is not the best for tight timings, in apex there is no way to run them on this freq at 12-12-12, but yellow board shine like a star when its about mem oc :)
  11. Achill3uS

    FS: DFI NF4 Expert + FX-55 bundle

    Ok if noone wants, i keep this piece of history. please close, thanks for space hwbot.
  12. if it is required when the cpu is at fullpot with ln2 around -180C then i suppose its not a question to use it with aircooling in a pc case, there will be definately not cooler. btw I dont remember any situation when it was recommended to use any board without vrm heatsink when overclocking on air/water. if you dont need to insulate board to handle extreme conditions like condensation, i would never consider removing.
  13. Im also with George on this. This is one of the most fav benchmark of the old guys and in general a lot of xocer. It has one reason: tweaking. In the past we were facing with some magical boosts like mipmap tweak, d3d overrider for nature. after reveal of these to the community we decided which one is legit and which one claims as a cheat. To be fair and respectful manner I would recommend to do reveal this tweak as well in order to categorize it. However I can understand it must be hard to share something you spent a lot of time to figure out. Also please consider there is no point to rule a benchmark without competitive company =D Long live the 01SE.