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  1. Achill3uS


    Maybe its nothing better - disregard the xp support, but for me its just the curiosity. Still hezitating bcoz of this price i can keep 2 other boards covering all my needs on this platform. But its still not a dark. Thanks for the feedback Bruno, great news and gentleman approach.👍
  2. Already got it from Splave but thanks, it seems i skipped this. Kudos to everyone.
  3. David im just wondering what tool did you use for raising bclk? i dont see dragon center icon on your desktop pls tell me you have another tool for that :D
  4. Achill3uS


    im wondering if EU site will ever list on stock... https://eu.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=131-CS-E399-KR
  5. Achill3uS

    Single stage Phase change Unit by Nachtfalke

    Very sad story, when you have no access to ln2 it is a huge loss brother. GLWS!
  6. Achill3uS

    FS [ EU ] G.Skill Trident z 4133 c12-11

    Top notch kit bro, photo of the kit itself not loading for me... GLWS!
  7. Thanks a lot CPU is with @Fasttrack now
  8. You have to create your own with nlite and add the z270 drivers according to the maximus viii series / skylake oc guide. Or you can download one pre modded, i think Barbonenet has it available for download on his wordpress.
  9. Achill3uS

    [FS:EU] G.Skill 4400c19 black

    Sold. Thanks for space hwbot pls close
  10. Indeed, very low prices from the greatest person, must resist...😂 free bump bro!