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  1. Yes Michal, 5300 cinebench pass 1.36v on custom water. Not bad but nothing extraordinary.
  2. Thanks George, will improve next time with better mems and direct die :D
  3. Haha thanks, true story brother, this random 3200c14 rgb is my only bdie kit at home now :(
  4. Seriously I dont know how turbov works for you, tried lot of things with this bios and still same like with 1704 modbios. not possible to raise cpu multi. (thanks for the reply in PM, tried 1.02.02 as well, same result)
  5. If i would have an x299 board at home would buy it right away GLWS brother! Amazing piece of silicon!
  6. Brother you need to dig deeper, check page 3 on this thread, few guys made it to install the xp, the problem is the lack of the acpi support from the bios. usb no need at all, just ps2 all the way and copy all data from different os with usb support. put that chip under ln2 some time, should be easy 7g++ legacy chip if it scales so nicely on SS. also dont forget that am3 and 05 are w8.1 benches for best efficiency. 12-12-12 1T should overperform any day the 14-14-14 2T even in 3d. bdie's dont degrade, ask Michael good to see you back!
  7. Achill3uS

    Apex X 370

    appx 250 euros
  8. wtf... brother are you sure its not some other component killing your hardware? its like at least your 3rd dead high end asus board within a year even without ln2 usage. this is nuts...
  9. Don't worry Matt i still have a Matrix and never give up on 01
  10. ah thanks for reminding, i already sent in private who asked but here you go
  11. thanks mate, for legacies no need to put it under subzero and i don bench so much new 3d stuff lets go 340 EUR shipped.
  12. Dear all, Im going to sell my "little" precious vga since im not using it. not sure when i will have time to bench 01 again, but might be other guys will be happy to have this in their collection since it was quite a rare card in EU market. i bought it from us ebay, it cost me above 400 eur to my door, i still have the original invoice. it is rma replacement to brand new card, came with 3 month of warranty to evga what ended somwhere in january. i did not used it much else but for a few legacy 3dmark runs. card looks like new, seal still on, never opened. MINT condition however its OEM, no original accessories or box. Asking 350 euros shipped within the EU. i know its not cheap for a legacy card but try to find one
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