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  1. pls dont ruin someone's business, I'm in at 500 jk, free bump
  2. This is very nice of you, I don't want to enter, just appreciate what you are doing for the community!
  3. I'll take the second royal kit, free bump included 😃
  4. Never mind, I bought a new one, please close.
  5. Hi guys, I'm looking for a 2nd hand T-REX pot from the EU to avoid taxes, color of the top does not matter to me. Drop me a pm if you are willing to sell one. Cheers, Bala
  6. thanks m8, I'll def do a rebench coz I had issues with gear1 and cache as well... hopefully cpu can do a bit more as well
  7. try to flash again 0098 to bios1 from clean pendrive via usb flashback https://www.asus.com/support/FAQ/1038568/
  8. Sorry guys but the cpu is sold and already arrived to the new owner. thanks for space hwbot, please close this thread.
  9. Hi all, decided to let this chip go. cpu is fully boxed, mint condition, used for 3x ln2 sessions only, capable of full pot benching (cbb at -163C), 5900mhz 1.65v cinebench pass, wanted to rebench it but with the new rules I'll pass and leave it to the next owner to max out. https://hwbot.org/submission/4649001_achill3us_cinebench___r15_with_benchmate_ryzen_9_5950x_6272_cb https://hwbot.org/submission/4647926_achill3us_3dmark05_geforce_gtx_780_ti_92247_marks Asking 1200 EUR shipped within EU. Cheers, Bala
  10. Thanks for the tips it was good to start with.. Actually found a link for modded drivers to x570 on other forum: https://retrosystemsrevival.blogspot.com/2019/12/windows-7-usb-3031-amd-x570-drivers.html?fbclid=IwAR0pRDU_ts0rZb5mQ5OsCqM0B6rU5L6dKmvV3XgvufXbXgrKAYMLe2iGItA But since i do not have an am4 board with ps2 to prepare the install, I've asked a friend of mine to do it for me then simply booted from that pre-installed drive with usb drivers. It loaded a bit for a minute or two but after that works like a charm. Actually on the Impact not much slots left for a ps2 pcie card anyway haha. So credits goes to my buddy @northsys . Benchmarks to come...
  11. Thanks bro's Actually I did not seen anyone managed to get it working on the Impact, would be a nice advantage tho...
  12. Alby you can't be serious... ppl on hwbot wants to have points for their benching effort? how dare you :D
  13. I've revisited yesterday this bios and it seems my cpu has no CB and CBB at -162C with fclk 1433, board worked like a charm. Best bios so far according to my experience.
  14. I've benched yesterday for a couple hours with bios 3101 and an 5950x, seemd fine for first look. Even ln2 switch was working and no stupid high cb (-20C) post issues with it like in earlier bioses.
  15. 01, 03, 05 are the the most influential bechmarks since long ago, lot of ppl who are here today entered to subzero cooling on those ones, I think you should not underestimate the emotional value of those old legacy stuffs. Of course it is killing the purpose of being a 3d bench, it is 2d long ago, but who cares, if you wish keep them as cpu benchmarks move to 2d category lol. However it gives you back nice memories and motivates you to still bench frankly speaking that would be the main goal of changing on the rules, no? I dont care about the new 4k-8k benchmarks, I'll run my fav bench anyway whenever it worth point or not, but if you support the will of the community it would be a nice thing. I'm with it should have all globals or neither, I like consistency.
  16. Ezt a szerĂ©ny vĂ©lemĂ©nyedet oszd mĂĄr meg lĂ©gyszĂ­ves a mezƑny többi tagjĂĄval is, fƑleg a jelenlegi hwbot no.1 ocer-rel akinek a subja jelenleg Ă©pp NorbiĂ© mögött van. :D
  17. Ha egy global 2. helyhez tényleg csak ennyit tudsz kommentålni Norbinak szerintem engedd el.
  18. Today's ln2 experience on 2x Impact. strated with bios 2502, ln2 switch on, -20C in bios, posting only possible after cmos reset, if i set anything manually, error code F9 and no post. I kept trying and struggling for like 30 minutes at least. same behavior with 2402... so downgraded to 2311 where finally this issue disappeared. I was able to bench flawless after that. -142C boot at FCLK1900 no problem, CB -149. Friend of mine was benching next to me with his same cpu+board setup, he kept trying with 2402 bios, got the very same issue. He figured out that ln2 jumper disabled is eliminating the not posting F9 issue under cold. He continued to bench with that bios and had a lot of struggle with coldbug at around -130 and coldboot at -100C. We also experienced efficiency difference in R15 which i think might be related to the different agesa patch. Not sure, could be something OS related but after I examined the uploaded results, I see a slightly chance to bios 2311 scores are lower compared to same clocks on newer bios. Would need to rebench to figure out, but I'm out of ln2 and the will to refill. Good luck fellas, this will be a bumpy ride
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