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Buying basic motherboard boxes

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I remember back in the day, sometimes I would receive motherboards in brown cardboard boxes meant for mobos that came with no accessories, just the board itself (perhaps these boards were from ASUS?). Replacing the bigger, stock boxes would be helpful to save storage space - and also for labeling boxes more easily. But, where can one buy boxes like this?

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6 hours ago, I.nfraR.ed said:

I was thinking the same lately, not just for the mobos, but for the VGAs as well.

I will probably order some custom-sized boxes, many companies offer such service and you can customize them the way you want.

GPUs come in all sorts of dimensions, though. Probably harder to find something appropriate? I was thinking: just follow atx specs + a few mm for mobos, and you can order 3-4 different sizes and be good to go in almost all cases (4P servers excluded).

I wonder if regular mobo boxes have some standard designation, like FEFCO standards or whatever.

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4 hours ago, MetalRacer said:

Very nice for US folks, I think ? 072780  must be perfect for ATX mobos? Not sure what "roll side" means, tho.

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